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Yardage Photo
From Tees
Landing Area to Green
Caddie Tips
Par 4
HC - 5
Black 413
Gold 390
Green 365
First couple of holes have greens surrounded by trees and are usually softer and a bit slower than the rest. Tee One - Drive to a declining fairway that bends right at 85yd from Center green (CG). Drives kept to left side of fairway play well. Approach to 23yd deep, oval-shaped green. Front left releases left. Back 2/3 of green slopes to the back.
Par 4
HC - 17
Black 371
Gold 348
Green 339
Straight-away drive. Misses right of fairway will be aided by the mounds' slants left. Approach to 24yd deep, oval green. Front 15% slopes gently to the front. Very slight ridge in green's midline on back 15% releases left or right from center.
Par 4
HC - 3
Black 436
Gold 415
Green 398
Tee shots should go over the small tree on the left (next to cart path). Fairway is angled to the left. Approach to 32yd deep green that also angles to the left. green is crowned at left center to right center and all of the green moves to the fringe from the crown (gentle slope).
Par 4
HC - 9
Black 410
Gold 392
Green 359
Fairway elbows left at 145yd from CG (location of pampas grass on left edge of fairway). Long hitters must hug inside of left fairway to avoid running  through the fairway. Approach to 23yd deep green that angles to the left. A small crown is in the midline at 45% depth and releases slightly right.
Par 5
HC - 1
Black 540
Gold 518
Green 494
Par 5 - End of declining fairway before the first of two ravines - with only light rough -  is 292yd from the Gold tees. Second shot is shy of second "ravine" of light rough. Long-knockers can find little danger in the ravine other than light rough and a short shot to an elevated green. Approach to a narrow, 23yd deep green that has three minor crowns at front/center, back/left, and back/right that shape the green.
Par 3
HC - 15
Black 174
Gold 157
Green 112
Short Par 3 with 30yd deep green that widens to the back left. Green is crowned in the center/left and mostly slopes gently to the right.
Par 4
HC - 11
Black 387
Gold 365
Green 342
260yd takes you through the fairway from the Gold tees. Fairway doglegs right at 85%, meaning that drives even or short of the bend are at advantage. Approach to 30yd deep green. Front 70% of green slopes to front. Back 30% drifts off moderately right or left from midline.
Par 3
HC - 13
Black  201
Gold 187
Green 167
  Mid-length Par 3 to a 32yd deep green. Front 70% slopes moderately to the front. The right 1/3 in the front also slopes right. Back 15% of the green slopes gently to the back.
Par 5
HC - 7
Black 539
Gold 518
Green 497
Two crossing water hazards give challenge to the hole. Drives do not want to get too close to the second as the height of the small trees will come into play. Approach to 29yd deep green. Front 15% has gentle slope to the front. Mound on back right corner slopes left and long off midline of the green - or to the front on the right 1/4 of the green.
Par 36 Black 3471
Gold 3290
Green 3073


Yardage Photo
From Tees
Landing Area to Green
Caddie Tips
Par 5
HC - 14
Black 514
Gold 500
Green 457
Drives to left side of the fairway will be aided by a slight fairway slant to the right. Second shot to a narrow fairway guarded by bunkers on the right and hazard (rough) to the left. Approach to a 24yd deep green with only a very slight slope to the front and a few rolling undulations.
Par 3
HC - 10 
Black  195
Gold 172
Green 162
  Scenic Par 3 to a narrow, 32yd deep green. Misses right kick to hazard, left to bunker, and long into heavy rough. Midline of the green releases moderately right or left all the way through the green.
Par 4
HC - 6
Black 418
Gold 386
Green 364
Most golfers will want to use an iron off the tee, as the elevated tees make a driver or 3-wood dangerous to going through the fairway. Fairway yardage is all the golfer has to gauge green distance - blind shot due to the 35 yards of hazard brush between fairway and green area (10 yards of light rough prior to front of green).  32yd deep green. All of right half slopes moderately to the front/right except the back 10%. Left half of green slopes to front.
Par 4
HC - 18
Black  306
Gold 288
Green 259
A 275yd drive (slightly downhill) will position golfer ~50yd from CG from the Gold Tees. Driver may be in danger of going through the fairway. Approach to a small 23yd deep green. Front half has very slight mound that releases outward; the wider back of the green has little undulation.
Par 4
HC - 4
Black 437
Gold 423
Green 411
Tee over water and ravine. Fairway begins bend slightly left at 150yd from CG. Approach to a 35yd deep green guarded on left by a long bunker. Most of green slopes gently to the front. Back left corner slopes gently to the back left.
Par 5
HC - 12
Black  543
Gold 528
Green 518
From the Gold tees, 300yd will carry drive through the fairway (elevated tees as well). Long drives to left will be in danger of water hazard. On second shot, bunker on right begins at 70yd from CG. Approach to a 31yd deep green that angles to the left. Green is mostly level except for a slight slope in the very back to the back fringe.
Par 4
HC - 2
Black 435
Gold 423
Green 398
Takes 330yd to go through the fairway from Gold tees. Obviously, center fairway is best, but depending on pin location, left or right sides may hindered by trees at 100yd from CG narrowing the left and right fairway edges. 33yd deep green angles left. Front 30% slopes to the front left. Back 70% slopes gently left except for the left 1/4 of the green which goes moderately left.
Par 3
HC - 16
Black 186
Gold 165
Green 149
  Slightly elevated tees. 24yd deep green all slopes gently to the front. Midline of green is slightly raised and releases gently left or right. Back right corner slopes gently to the back right. Left edge slopes to the fringe.
Par 4
HC - 8
Black 412
Gold 398
Green 360
From Gold tees, the first right bunker is 236yd out and the left bunker is 273yd out. Approach to a 32yd deep green that angles left. Front 30% slopes gently to the front. Mound at center/right of green releases right or left (at midline of green).
Par 36 Black 3446
Gold 3283
Green 3078
Par 72 Black  6917
Gold  6573
Green  6151

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