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The Bear Trace at Chickasaw


9555 State Route 100    Henderson    TN 38340   Pro Shop (731) 989-4700  (888) 944-BEAR


Course Designer : Jack Nicklaus  Head Golf Pro : Rob Hessing   


Public - memberships also available
Top Places to Play 2001

Greens - Bermuda
Fairways - Bermuda
Rough - Bermuda
Par 72
Ratings (handicap/slope) Yardage
Gold (73.4/134) 7118yd
Blue (71.2/127) 6432yd
White (68.4/121) 5965yd

Caddie's Summary:
. Beautifully nestled into the Tennessee pines and woods, Chickasaw is a great golf escape. If your hitting your driver well, you can score here, but the woods are very tight to the fairways and the bunkers are ideally placed for grabbing tee shots. Rolling fairways can play short if its dry and that can mean as much trouble as assistance, as the inclines and slants often run directly into the trees or heavy rough. The holes are well scattered and all offer seclusion from any signs of the modern world. As always, the Bear Trace staff is a treat and sure to assist with anything from your swing to club requirements.

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Yardage Photo
From Tees
Landing Area to Green
Caddie Tips
Par 5
HC - 5
Gold 571
Blue 535
White 516
Ditch is 269yd from Blue tees (270yd from CG). Water left of fairway. Fairway narrows beginning at 100yd CG. 33yd deep green. Front 35% slopes to the front. Ridge across at 40% depth releases long over the top on the right 1/2. Back 40% of the green slopes away form the midline.
Par 4
HC - 9
Gold 403
Blue 371
White 349
First left bunker begins at 129yd CG (250yd from Blue tees). Slight fairway incline from 160ydCG in. 32yd deep green. Front 35% slopes gently to the back and away from the midline. 40-100% depth on the left 1/2 slopes right. 40-100% depth on the right 1/2 slopes gently to the front.
Par 4
HC - 13
Gold 389
Blue 339
White 312
First left bunker ends at 150yd CG. First right bunker begins at 124yd CG. Elevated green may alter club selection on approach. 26yd deep green with a slightly crowned CG. Back 50% slopes right or left of midline. Back right 1/2 also slopes to the back.
Par 4
HC - 11
Gold 392
Blue 349
White 316
221yd to reach the fairway bunker from the Blue tees (133yd from CG). Fairway slants left. Approach over heavy rough to a 26yd deep green. Ridge from 40% depth on the left side to the midline in the back releases hard to the front right. All very gently slopes to the front.
Par 3
HC - 15
Gold 199
Blue 135
White 121
Elevated tee may alter club selection. 28yd deep midline of the green, with green angled and deepening to the right. All flows to the front except the front left corner which has very gentle slope left.
Par 4
HC - 1
Gold 400
Blue 391
White 373
Fairway bunkers begin at 166yd CG (225yd from Blue tees). Left 1/2 of fairway may have a blocked approach. Left woods cut into fairway at 130yd CG. Creek shy of green (75yd CG). Uphill approach to a 34yd deep green angled right. Ridge from back at the midline to 60% depth on right edge slopes moderately to the front. All very gently flows to the front right.
Par 4
HC - 3
Gold 423
Blue 381
White 346
Snaking creek through fairway ends at 150yd CG on the left side - then hugs the left fairway narrowing it up to the left edge of the green. 33yd deep green. Ridge from the front midline to the back right corner has heavy slope to the front right. Front right edge releases very gently left.
Par 3
HC - 17
Gold 144
Blue 133
White 116
34yd deep green. Front 65% funnels to the midline. Ridge at midline on the back 30% slopes left or right.
Par 5
HC - 7
Gold 561
Blue 531
White 500
Right bunker ends at 258yd CG. Fairway bends hard left at the deep rough hazard (ends at Center Fairway at 155yd CG). After hazard fairway slants left. 28yd deep green. All flows right. Slight ridges right of midline to the right edge at 40% depth slopes moderately to the back right. 
Par 36 Gold 3482
Blue 3165
White 2949

Yardage Photo
From Tees
Landing Area to Green
Caddie Tips
Par 4
HC - 16
Gold 394
Blue 355
White 310
Declining fairway with ditch 251yd from Blue tees. Left side of fairway may have blocked approach with a left pin placement. 32yd deep green. Curling ridge from front midline to 50% depth on the right edge slopes to the front. Back 40% slopes gently left.
Par 4
HC - 8 
Gold 408
Blue 380
White 353
End of right bunker is 150yd CG. 215yd to carry from the Blue tees. Uphill approach to a 34yd deep green (misses right may kick to green). Front 15% slopes to the front. 25-50% depth releases long. Back 40% slopes to the front and the back 15% funnels toward the midline.
Par 3
HC - 10
Gold 225
Blue 195
White 169
Elevated tees may alter club selection. 24yd deep green angles left. Over bunker releases gently long right.
Par 5
HC - 12
Gold 534
Blue 494
White 468
Right bunker begins at 272yd CG (249yd to reach from the Blues). Heavy rough cuts into the left side of the fairway at 130yd CG. Elevated, 33yd deep green. Snaking ridge across 65% depth has moderate/heavy slope to the front. Shy of ridge slopes to the front. Back 25% slopes right or left from the midline.
Par 4
HC - 6
Gold 462
Blue 415
White 390
Elevated tees. Left 1/2 of fairway plays best and kicks long for extra distance. Ditch crosses fairway at 85yd CG. 34yd deep green angled right. All slopes to the front. Over bunker releases gently long left.
Par 4
HC - 4
Gold 428
Blue 394
White 375
Left hazard rough starts at 162yd CG. Slightly uphill to green from 150yd CG. 35yd deep green angles left. Front 35% slopes gently to the front. 40-80% depth gently slopes right and the back 5% gently left.
Par 5
HC - 18
Gold 539
Blue 468
White 434
Right bunker ends at 268yd CG (208yd from the Blue tees) and the left bunker begins at 268yd CG (206yd Blue tees). On second shot, center fairway bunker ends at 93yd CG. 26yd deep green. Ridge through midline releases moderately left. Shallow right 1/2. Ridge from 30% depth on the left edge to CG releases long over the top.
Par 3
HC - 2
Gold 218
Blue 185
White 159
Long Par 3 to a 23yd deep green. Shallow right 1/2. Green has a very gentle crown at Center Green.
Par 4
HC - 14
Gold 428
Blue 381
White 358
Long hitters not playing a draw will go through fairway to unplayable hazard. Fairway bends hard left at 150yd CG. Gently uphill to a 26yd deep green. Rolling left half slopes to the front. Right 1/2 slopes gently to the front in both the front 35% and the back 25%. Mound on the back 15% at the midline slopes left or right.
Par 36 Gold 3636
Blue 3267
White 3016
Par 72 Gold 7118
Blue 6432
White 5965

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