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The Bear Trace - Cumberland Mountain


407 Wild Plum Lane    Crossville    TN 38572   Pro Shop (931) 707-1640  (888) 800 BEAR


Course Designer : Jack Nicklaus  Head Golf Pro :  Kelvin Burgin   Course Superintendent :   Dir. of Golf:


Golf Digest Top Ten in Tennessee in 2001

Greens - Bent
Fairways - Bluegrass
Rough - Bluegrass and Fescue

Par 72
Ratings (handicap/slope) Yardage
Championship (72.0/129) 6900yd
Regular (70.8/126) 6405yd
Forward (69.1/123) 5895yd

Caddie's Summary:
. Cumberland mountain is a beautiful stroll through a rolling natural landscape. The Nicklaus design has many undulating fairways and some very narrow driving areas. Approach shots have steep slopes off the edges, bunkers, heavy rough, creeks and woodlands snug to the fringes. The greens are often heavily angled and pin placements can be brutal. The landscape is gently rolling with mature forest in all directions. Pines are intermeshed and add to the scenery. Cumberland Mountain is a great escape and a noble challenge. 

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Yardage Photo
From Tees
Landing Area to Green
Caddie Tips
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Par 4
HC - 8
Champ 409
Reg 362
Forward 318
205yd to carry right bunker from Regular tees. Long hitters should play just inside bunker - fairway angled right. 29yd deep green angled left. All but the right 1/5 (kicks long left) flows to the right. Ridge through midline releases moderately right on the left in the back 30%. Back 50% on the left 1/2 also flows to the back.
Par 4
HC - 4
Champ 406
Reg 370
Forward 312
Declining fairway from 160yd CG to the creek across the fairway at 70yd CG. Elevated green is only 22yd deep. Ridge through green (just left of midline) releases gently right or left. Right 1/5 slopes left.
Par 4
HC - 6
Champ 420
Reg 398
Forward 362
Inclining fairway from 175yd CG to the green. 28yd deep green. 5-15% depth releases long. Left 1/2 slopes to the back up to 80% depth. Ridge across right 1/2 releases long from 50-85% depth.
Par 5
HC - 14
Champ 494
Reg 473
Forward 459
Reachable Par 5 with bunkers protecting entrance. Downhill from 185yd CG in. 22yd deep green angles right. Midline is just left of the small, front bunker and releases long right. Left 1/2 (on front 50%) slopes right.
Par 3
HC - 16
Champ 185
Reg 158
Forward 146
22yd deep green angles left. General slopes to the front right. Ridge makes 35-50% depth releases long.
Par 4
HC - 12
Champ 382
Reg 350
Forward 332
174yd to carry left bunker from Gold tees. 150yd CG in is uphill. 26yd deep green. Ridge form front bunker to the back right corner releases long left. Front 25% and the back 25% slopes to the front.
Par 4
HC - 10
Champ 393
Reg 371
Forward 340
Downhill from 200yd CG to the large creek shy of the green. Steep fairway drop from 100yd CG in. Approach to a 26yd deep green angled left. Left 1/2 slopes left. Ridge through green (just right of midline) releases right. Front right corner slopes to the front. Back left corner slopes to the front.
Par 3
HC - 18
Champ 139
Reg 114
Forward 93
Elevated tees alters club selection. 23yd deep green angled left. Left 1/2 plays 5yd deeper than CG. Left 1/2 slopes to the back left.
Par 5
HC - 2
Champ 558
Reg 540
Forward 505
Left bunker ends at 274yd CG and is an uphill 260yd form the Regular tees. Fairway bends gently left after bunker. Bunkers shy of green on the left begin at 115yd CG. 33yd deep green. Y-shaped ridge from midline to CG the Y's to the back right corner and just left of midline. Right side slopes moderately right. Left side gently slopes left and to the front past CG.
Par 36 Champ 3386
Reg 3136
Forward 2867

Yardage Photo
From Tees
Landing Area to Green
Caddie Tips
Par 4
HC - 3
Champ 449
Reg 421
Forward 389
Fairway angles and slants right, drives should favor left half. Long hitters may want to lay back as 165yd can take you through the fairway an into trees. Down valley and up to a 40yd deep green angled right. Front 5% slopes to the front left. Back 70% slopes to the front and funnels toward midline in the back 40%.
Par 5
HC - 5 
Champ 525
Reg 490
Forward 453
Right side of fairway plays best. Downhill from 220yd CG in. Fairway bends left at 100yd CG. 32yd deep green. Over left bunker releases long. Back right 1/4 is mounded (moderately at 60% green depth) and slopes gently left at midline.
Par 4
HC - 15
Champ 325
Reg 305
Forward 289
Fairway bunker takes an uphill 204yd to clear from Regular tees. Right of fairway is hazard. Misses right of bunker kick to light or heavy rough. 29yd deep green angled slightly right. Front 65% slopes to the front with left edge releasing right. Back 30% gently slopes to the back right.
Par 4
HC - 7
Champ 466
Reg 439
Forward 378
Steep downhill fairway slants right. Right of fairway kicks to high rough. Ravine cuts further in at 105yd CG and then cuts across the front of the green. 36yd deep green angled left. Right edge releases gently left and also long from 50-75% depth. All gently flows to the front.
Par 3
HC - 17
Champ 165
Reg 140
Forward 128
Slightly elevated tees. 33yd deep green. All flows right. Front 30% to he front and the back 70% gently slopes to the back.
Par 5
HC - 9
Champ 515
Reg 495
Forward 477
Uphill, with 205yd required to carry second right bunker. Best drives are to the left 1/2 of the fairway. Left of the fairway kicks right. Uphill all the way. Left bunker shy of the green begins at 75yd CG. 36yd deep green angled slightly right. Front 50% gently slopes to the back. Ridge from 50-65% depth across green releases moderately long.
Par 3
HC - 13
Champ 212
Reg 176
Forward 160
Over water to a 22yd deep green. Right 1/2 plays 4yd deeper than CG. Front left and right of the midline (left and right edges of bunker) releases long. Mound in back 15% at midline releases right.
Par 4
HC - 11
Champ 407
Reg 370
Forward 353
Left bunker ends at 194yd CG and is 177yd from Regular tees. From 175yd to the creek 45yd shy of CG is sharply down hill, with the fairway ending at 99yd CG. Elevated, 34yd deep green. Front right ridge to CG releases right or left. Ridge on the left 1/2 across CG slopes to the front.
Par 4
HC - 1
Champ 450
Reg 433
Forward 401
Uphill to a 200yd CG. Left bunker ends at 213yd CG (217yd from Regular tees). Right bunker begins at 180yd CG (250yd from Regular tees). Approach to a 29yd deep green angled right. Ridge from the area between the front bunkers diagonal left releases to the front left or long right. Right of that slopes to the right. Left of the ridge gently slopes to the front.
Par 36 Champ 3514
Reg 3269
Forward 3028
Par 72 Champ 6900
Reg 6405
Forward 5895

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