The Cardinal Club - Simpsonville, KY    

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Chris Hamburger, Head Professional                                  - Director of Grounds Maintenance

The Cardinal Club
Simpsonville, Kentucky

Private Course - Members and Members' Guest Only

Tees, Fairways - Bent Grass
Greens - Bent Grass

Ratings (handicap/slope) Yardage
Tee 5  - (73.4/134)  7001yd
Tee 4  - (71.6/130)  6549yd
Tee 3  - (69.4/126)  6065yd         

The Cardinal Club is located just outside (northeast) of Louisville, Kentucky and will soon be a highly-ranked course in the state of Kentucky. It has both the natural beauty and challenge to be an elite club. Sculpted fairways and large undulating greens are nearing a quick maturity and the course is simply fantastic. The design is modern with edged fairways and large, complex bunkers. If looking in the Louisville area for a membership, only Valhalla and Persimmon Ridge can can compare in course quality and amenities of the Cardinal Club.

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