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Colonial Country Club
Cordova, Tennessee

Colonial's long standing image of a beautiful and difficult course (76.8 rating from the tips) is well deserved. From the club house to the fairways, deep-rooted tradition is evident. The back nine to the South course plays as hard as we've seen and requires driver distance to shoot reasonable scores. The greens are known for immaculate conditioning and running fast. The fairways allow for some miss and welcomes golfers of all handicaps as long as the right tees are played. Large bunkers and slanting hills add to the flavor and water with the lake and creeks is in play on several holes. All said, Colonial is and will likely always remain a top course for both conditioning and challenging play. Members should be proud of the tradition and quality of their home course.

Joe Finger, Architect/Course Designer
John McKenry, Director of Golf
Mary Virginia Horne, Head Professional
Jim Thomas - Director of Grounds Maintenance

Private Course
Members and Members' Guest Only
Golf Digest #3 in Tennessee

Tees, Fairways - Bermuda
Greens - Bent Grass

Ratings (handicap/slope) Yardage
Black  - 76.8/142 (7334yd)
Blue  -  74.8/138 (6991yd)
Gold  -  72.8/131 (6617)            

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Yardage Photo
From Tees
Landing Area to Green
Caddie Tips
                SCENIC COURSE PHOTOS
Par 5
HC 7
Black 589
Blue 574
Gold 560
Fairway slants right to bunker till top of hill . Trees begin to narrow the right edge of fairway at 198yd from Center Green (CG). Declining fairway till 120yd from CG then incline to green. 34yd deep green and misses left kick to water. Front 65% slopes to the front. Back 35% slopes gently to the back.
Par 4
HC 5
Black 410
Blue 389
Gold 378
Right bunker begins at 201yd from CG and ends at 175yd from CG. Fairway slants left moderately till end of left bunker (145yd from CG). Best to hug inside right bunker. 34yd deep green. Front 50% slopes moderately to the right. Back 50% slopes to the left. Front right corner slopes to the front right. Left 1/5 to 35% depth releases right then slopes hard to the left fringe from 35-65% depth.
Par 3
HC 17
Black 182
Blue 161
Gold 156
  40yd deep green. Front 20% on the left 1/2 releases long and left. 20-80% depth on the left 1/2 slopes right. Back 20% on the left 1/2 gently to the back. Front 30% on the right 1/2 to the front. 30-75% depth slopes moderately left.
Par 4
HC 3
Black 433
Blue 411
Gold 375
Fairway slants left and bends left at 150yd CG. Slightly downhill approach to a 33yd deep green. Left 1/2 releases moderately right. Right 1/4 releases gently long in the front 40%. 40-85% depth slopes right. back right corner slopes off to fringe.
Par 3
HC 15
Black 196
Blue 183
Gold 164
31yd deep green. Slightly elevated green. Ridge from 65% depth on the left edge to 35% depth on the right edge (just over front bunker) slopes heavily to the front. Shy of ridge slopes moderately to the front. Back 30% on the left 1/2 gently right. Back 65% on the right 1/2 slopes right and to the front.
Par 4
HC 11
Black 401
Blue 381
Gold 364
Left bunker ends at 145yd from CG where fairway declines up to 95yd from CG. Hugging left bunker is ideal. 33yd deep green by 41yd wide. Left 1/3 slopes right and also to the back in the back 20%. Ridge on the back of the green just right of the midline releases left or gently right. Rolling right 1/3 of the green slopes to the front in the back 30% and to the front (over bunker) releases slightly long.
Par 5
HC 9
Black 572
Blue 539
Gold 521
Straight away par 5. Fairway slants left from 175-130yd CG. Uphill approach to a 31yd deep green. Left 1/5 slopes moderately right. Rest moderately tot eh front. Mound on the back just right of the midline (covering back 60%) releases left or moderately right. Right 1/2 of green also flows right.
Par 4
HC 1
Black 475
Blue 452
Gold 423
Long par 4. Right 1/4 of the fairway may have blocked approach to green. Fairway slants right till 220yd CG (beginning of left bunker). Fairway declines at 180yd CG and slants left. 35yd deep green all slopes moderately to the front right.
Par 4
HC 13
Black 393
Blue 380
Gold 368
Left bunker begins at 163yd CG. Long hitters hitting to the right half of fairway may find the pines as obstacles. Slight declined approach to a 26yd deep green by 37yd wide. All slopes to the front except just over the center bunker. front 10% (left or right of bunker) slopes off to fringe.
Par 36 Black 3651
Blue 3470
Gold 3309

Yardage Photo
From Tees
Landing Area to Green
Caddie Tips
Par 4
HC 12
Black 425
Blue 414
Gold 382
Right bunkers begin at 180yd from CG and end at 153yd CG. Right 1/2 of fairway is best especially for long hitters. Downhill approach to a 31yd deep green. Misses left may kick to water. Mound at front middle releases gently left or right. Back 50% slopes gently to the back. Back left 1/4 flows to a point at 80% depth on the left edge. Right 1/4 flows to the back left corner.
Par 4
HC 8
Black 376
Blue 365
Gold 357
n/a Elevated tees. Lone pine left of fairway is 150yd CG. Water hugs left side. Uphill approach to a 31yd deep green. Shallow right 1/3 has gentle slope to the front right. Ridge front right of midline (from 25-50% depth) will release balls to the front to about 20% depth. Left 1/2 on the back 50% slopes to the front right.
Par 3
HC 16
Black 218
Blue 188
Gold 156
36yd deep green. elevated tees may alter club selection. Left 2/5 flows tot he front left corner. Middle of the green flows to the front. Right 2/5 on the front 50% slopes gently left.
Par 4
HC 2
Black 442
Blue 421
Gold 404
235yd to clear water inside the right tree line from the Blue tees. 65yd of fairway provided for landing area leaving about 165yd in to the green. Uphill approach to a 33yd deep green. Very complex green. Above and right of the pin leaves a very fast putt. Ridge from the front right corner to the left edge at 65% depth slopes heavily to the front left. All of the green slopes moderately to the front left.
Par 4
HC 6
Black 442
Blue 426
Gold 412
Not possible to clear water (lone pine tree is 150yd from CG and 276yd out from Blue tees). fade plays well to center or left 1/2 of fairway. Slightly uphill approach to a 34yd deep green. Front 15% funnels to middle. 20% depth to the back slopes to front. Back 25% is slightly crowned to edges.
Par 3
HC 18
Black 200
Blue 181
Gold 161
36yd deep green. Back 40%  slopes to the front. Ridge on the back left corner releases right. Mound on the right edge at 40% depth releases hard left or long over the top.
Par 5
HC 10
Black 573
Blue 561
Gold 511
Taking drive through or over trees cuts off over 70yd of fairway with the hard slant right and decline - but still leaves 265yd to a green protected in front by water. Most second shots lay up left of the bunker at 100yd CG for the best approach to the green's heavy slope to the front. 36yd deep green. Front 30% is crowned to the fringes and slopes to the front. Back 60% slopes to the front and left.
Par 4
HC 4
Black 446
Blue 414
Gold 399
Big maple in fairway is at 186yd CG and is a good aiming point for a fade - fairway slants right. fairway declines at 140yd CG and begins steep incline to green at 80yd CG. 24yd deep green by 41yd wide. Ridge through midline releases left or moderately right. Right 1/2 slopes to the front. Left 1/2 slopes to the front left.
Par 5
HC 14
Black 561
Blue 551
Gold 526
265yd to carry right bunker from Blue tees, so hugging it plays well with fairways slant left. Second shots should play between bunker (beginning at 99yd CG) and water at 75yd CG to have the best approach. 33yd deep green angles hard right. Best explained if viewed from water fountain in lake. Ridge through midline releases left or right. Right 1/2 all slopes heavily to the front and middle of the right 1/2 of green. Left 1/2 slopes left and the front 50% to the front.
Par 36 Black 3683
Blue 3521
Gold 3308
Par 72 Black 7334
Blue 6991
Gold 6617


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