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Council Fire Golf Club


100 Council Fire Drive    Chattanooga    TN 37421   Pro Shop (423) 499-6300


Course Designer : Bob Cupp - 1992  Head Golf Pro : Richard  Course Superintendent :   Dir. of Golf: Hunt Gililand


Private - Members and Members' Guest Only

Tees and Fairways - Bermuda
Greens - Bermuda
Rough - Bermuda

Par 72
Ratings (handicap/slope) Yardage
Gold  - 73.9/139, 6999yd
Blue  - 72.0/132, 6595yd
Orange - 70.9/128, 6307yd
White - 69.8/125, 6112yd 

Caddie's Summary:
. Council Fire is a beautifully sculpted Bob Cupp design with the backdrop of the Tennessee mountains. Large, etched out bunkers, large undulating greens and tight heavy rough make it a test for any golfer and the natural beauty can rival any course around. The photos of the course speak for themselves, but members know that this course can reach up and grab you with penalties or very difficult bunker shots. Fairway bunkers often require a high loft iron to exit. Greens roll exceptionally and have twists and turns that require deep thought on the putting surface. Conditioning is as good as it gets and the entire course stays trimmed and in tournament condition.

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Yardage Photo
From Tees
Landing Area to Green
Caddie Tips
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Par 4
HC - 15
Gold 350
Blue 332
Orange 326
Right bunker begins at 85yd Center Green (CG). 25yd deep green angles left. All very gently flows to the front. Over front left bunker releases long and right. Inside of back right bunker releases left.
Par 5
HC - 5
Gold 525
Blue 510
Orange 503
Takes 250yd to carry corner of water over the bunkers (~250yd CG). Fairway bends right there. Approach to an elevated 31yd deep green angled left. All gently to the front right. Over front bunker releases hard long and left or right. Midline mound on very back releases left or right. Back left corner slopes moderately to the front left.
Par 4
HC - 7
Gold 397
Blue 361
Orange 339
Large tree to the right is 102yd CG - where fairway bends right. Creek crosses 65yd shy of the green. All flows to the front. Right 1/3 slopes moderately right. Left 2/3 slopes left.
Par 3
HC - 11
Gold 216
Blue 199
Orange 180
Par 3 uphill and may alter club. 34yd deep green angles left. Right 1/4 slopes moderately left. Left 3/4 slopes to the front (moderately at ridge across green at 50% depth). Over bunker releases hard long and right.
Par 4
HC - 13
Gold 370
Blue 340
Orange 333
Right bunker begins at 121yd CG and ends at 113yd CG. 27yd deep green. Ridge across from 35% depth on right edge to 50% depth on the left edge slopes to the front or releases moderately long over the top (near edges). Left 1/2 on the back 50% flows right. Front right corner releases long. Back right corner slopes left.
Par 5
HC - 1
Gold 583
Blue 567
Orange 540
Hazard right of fairway. However, the right 1/2 of the fairway plays best if trying to take second shot over the ditch at 115yd CG. Large left trees are at 130yd CG. Slightly uphill approach to a 33yd deep green. Front 60% has right and left edges funneling slightly to the middle with general slopes to the front. Back 40% slows right.
Par 3
HC - 17
Gold 162
Blue 141
Orange 136
All of green has a general slopes to the front. Back 50% on the left 1/2 also flows right.
Par 4
HC - 3
Gold 447
Blue 430 
Orange 405
Left bunker begins at 181yd CG. Hazard is to the right. 31yd deep green with general slope to the front. Just over the front right bunker releases long and left. Right 1/5 slopes left. Slight mound on the back, just left of the midline slopes moderately to the front and gently left or right.
Par 4
HC - 9
Gold 435
Blue 373
Orange 334
Slender shoot through trees off tee. Beginning of right bunker is 185yd CG (250yd out from Gold tees). Slightly uphill all the way. 30yd deep green. Right edge releases left. Ridge from back left corner to CG has heavy slope to the front left. Over front bunker releases moderately left or right. Front 50% slopes to the front.
Par 36 Gold 3485
Blue 3253
Orange 3096

Yardage Photo
From Tees
Landing Area to Green
Caddie Tips
Par 4
HC - 4
Gold 454
Blue 438
Orange 412
Inclining fairway all the way. Uphill approach to a 26yd deep green. General slope to the front. Green also flows gently to the midline (moderately on the outer edges). Slight depression in the back 5%, just right of midline.
Par 5
HC - 12 
Gold 535
Blue 521
Orange 517
Series of small right bunkers begin at 270yd CG. Fairway slants right. First left bunker is 116yd CG. Gently uphill to the green. Left 2/3 slopes right  (moderately by the edge). right 1/3 slopes left. Ridge at 75% depth slopes tot eh front and releases moderately long over the top. Back 25% slopes to the back.
Par 3
HC - 16
Gold 197
Blue 179
Orange 175
32yd deep green. Over front right bunker releases right or left. All very gently flows to the front. Rolling left 1/4 releases right.
Par 5
HC - 6
Gold 546
Blue 526
Orange 511
260yd to reach water from the tips. Fairway curls left. On second shot, bunker right of fairway is at 98yd CG. Left 2/3 of green is protected by water and bunkers. 24yd deep green angled left. Over front left bunkers releases long and right. All has a gentle flow to the front. Right edge also slopes left.
Par 3
HC - 18
Gold 175
Blue 159
Orange 155
24yd deep green angled left. Over front bunker releases left (sunken area). Over front left bunker releases hard long. Mound at the midline in the back release hard left or moderately right. Right 1/2 slopes very gently to the front.
Par 4
HC - 2
Gold 453
Blue 437
Orange 405
Left bunker ends at 219yd CG. Second right bunker begins at 193yd CG. Draws down the middle are ideal. 26yd deep green. Left 1/4 slopes right. Right 1/4 slopes left. All of green has a general flow to the front except just over the front left bunker releases long.
Par 4
HC - 8
Gold 426
Blue 406
Orange 368
Right 1/2 of the fairway plays best as fairway bends left at 140yd CG. Uphill through narrow fairway protected by trees to a 27yd deep green angled left. Left 1/4 slopes right and right 1/4 of the green slopes left.
Par 3
HC - 14
Gold 206
Blue 173
Orange 169
27yd deep green. Very gentle slope to the front. Front left corner slopes gently right. Back right corner slopes gently left.
Par 5
HC - 10
Gold 522
Blue 503
Orange 499
Left bunkers end at 254yd CG. Second shots shy of 150yd CG will want to play to the left half of the fairway as overhanging trees on the right may be a problem. 31yd deep green. Midline releases right. Left 1/4 slopes right. Ridge at 50% depth across right 1/2 of the green sloes moderately to the front.
Par 36 Gold 3514
Blue 3342
Orange 3211
Par 72 Gold 6999
Blue 6595
Orange 6307

All Photography copyright 2004, (a 4CornersOfTheWorld, LLC company)

copyright Tid Griffin - 2006