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Scenic Photos

Yardage Photo
From Tees
Landing Area to Green
Caddie Tips
Note: With greens rolling faster than 10 on the meter, approximately 40% of the green surface goes away on the front nine.
Par 5
HC - 17
Blue 523
Green 490
Yellow 449
Tee over water . Top of the hill is 274yd from CG. From 155-100yd CG a rock wall separates right (higher) and left halves of the fairway. Approach to a 42yd deep green with general slope to the front. Several mounds shape the green. On the right edge at 20 and 80% depths. On the left edge at 40 and 90% depths. Back right corner is false to the back right corner.
Par 4
HC - 14
Blue 342
Green 288
Yellow 229
Misses left off the tee find lots of trouble. Fairway slants left, so right edge plays well. Approach to a 27yd deep green angled hard right. All slopes moderately to heavily to a line just right of the midline. Except right and left edges which slopes off to the fringe.
Par 4
HC - 3
Blue 424
Green 386
Yellow 332
Oil/water control box seen on the right side of the fairway is 153yd from CG. Fairway slants hard left to the woods, so the right edge plays best (fades play best to minimize roll). Bunkers right of the fairway begin at 118yd from CG. Approach to a 40yd deep green. Misses right will kick to green. Right 1/4 up to 75% depth slopes heavily left. 75-100% depth on the right 1/2 of the green slopes off to the fringe. Mounds at 15 and 95% depth on the left edge have a major green depression (1/2 of the green width) that pull balls off to the left edge.
Par 4
HC - 9
Blue 363
Green 343
Yellow 292
Downhill almost all the way. If playing shy of 100yd from CG, center or right half of fairway plays best. If playing beyond, be aware that the right half of the fairway is cut off by heavy and light rough between 80-45yd from CG. 38yd deep green is only 13-15yd wide. Front 4yd is false green. 10-15% depth releases to the back. 25-65% depth has heavy slope to the front. 65-90% depth slopes to the back and moderately right.
Par 3
HC - 15
Blue 156
Green 128
Yellow 110
35yd deep green plays uphill so club selection may be altered. Misses right may kick to the green. Front 60% slopes to the front with left 1/2 leaking heavily off to the left edge from 20-75% depth. 70-90% depth releases to the back. Back edge slopes to the front.
Par 4
HC - 4
Blue 313
Green 279
Yellow 234
Fairway is all uphill. First bunker begins at 92yd from CG. Shots must clear but remain right of the trees. 37yd deep green. Front 40% will roll to the front fringe (even putts). All of the green slopes heavily to the front and heavily right.
Par 6
HC - 18
Blue 650
Green 610
Yellow 570
Par 6. Tees to inclining fairway. Second shots should play to the left half of the fairway. Fairway narrows with trees on the right at 170yd from CG (fairway slants right from 150-70yd from CG). Fairway bunker on the left begins at 92yd from CG. Approach to a 34yd deep green. Front 50% on the left half will roll to the front left fringe. Back 50% on the right 3/4 slopes little. Depression on the left 1/4 from 55-90% depth pulls balls to the fringe.
Par 3
HC - 16
Blue 192
Green 164
Yellow 143
43yd deep green. Mounds on the right edge. First at 15% (very high) releases hard left or hard long over the top. Also at 80% depth slopes hard to the front and moderately left or long over the top. Back left corner is depression and pulls hard to the fringe from the midline.
Par 4
HC - 7
Blue 355
Green 335
Yellow 300
Downhill till 95yd from CG. Water on the left begins at 105yd from CG. For medium length hitters, you almost have to play to the left half of the fairway. Uphill approach to a 31yd deep green. General slope to the front. Back 10% in the middle and on the left side slopes hard to the back fringe. Left 1/6 of the green from 40-90% depth slopes left.
Par 37 Blue 3320
Green 3025
Yellow 2660


Yardage Photo
From Tees
Landing Area to Green
Caddie Tips
Par 4
HC - 6
Blue 397
Green 347
Yellow 308
Elevated tees. Right side of the fairway kicks left. Uphill approach to a 21yd deep green by 29yd wide. Front right corner slopes to the front right. Front 50% slopes to the front. Mound at midline separates right and left halves in the back 50% depth (releases hard to the back right or moderately to the back left).
Par 3
HC - 5 
Blue 185
Green 155
Yellow 120
Challenging tee since elevated tee position will alter club selection and the water hugs the front of the green. 26yd deep. Right 1/2 plays 5yd longer than CG. Right 1/2 also slopes moderately to the front and left. Left 1/2 has heavy slope to the front and moderate slope left.
Par 4
HC - 1
Blue 419
Green 405
Yellow 344
Very tight (25-30yd wide) fairway up to 150yd from CG where fairway bends slightly right and the left edge narrows in the fairway to ~20yd wide. (Long hitter cutting corner may find that the right edge can kick all the way across fairway to the water hazard). 28yd deep green. Right 1/2 is level. Left 1/2 has moderate slope left and the back 25% also slopes to the back.
Par 3
HC - 10
Blue 154
Green 125
Yellow 115
  44yd deep green. Elevated tees may alter club selection. Front 80% has gentle slope to the front and left. Back 20% slopes gently to the back.
Par 5
HC - 2
Blue 545
Green 514
Yellow 483
Fairway declines and slants left. Long hitters may want to club down if fairway is dry and fast. Fairway drops 15+ feet at 245yd from CG and the crossing ravine/creek is at 200yd from CG. Second shots should play to the left half of the fairway. 24yd deep green angles hard right. Mound on the front midline releases hard left or right. Mound on the back just left of the midline releases hard left or gently right. Left 2/3 slopes to the front left. Right 1/3 slopes gently left.
Par 4
HC - 12
Blue 394
Green 366
Yellow 300
Fairway slants left. Misses right are doomed. Play right half for best approach to the 33yd deep green. Midline in the front 20% releases gently left. Left 1/2 looks like it rolls right, yet is misleading. Back left corner is slightly elevated.
Par 4
HC - 11
Blue 374
Green 333
Yellow 288
Fairway slants hard left with dry conditions player must hit to the right 1/4 of the fairway or play a fade. Fairway narrows on the left at 105yd from CG. 44yd deep green is kidney-shaped and angles right to a narrow (9yd wide) back 25%. 20-75% depth has slope to the left. All slopes gently to the front. 
Par 3
HC - 13
Blue 184
Green 167
Yellow 151
Par 3 all has a gentle flow to the front and right. Back left corner is slightly elevated and increases the slope both to the front and right.
Par 5
HC - 8
Blue 490
Green 443
Yellow 395
Fairway slants left and banks on the right edge also kicks to the fairway. Right 1/2 plays best. Second shots not going for green see the left bunkers begin at 148yd from CG. Approach to a 39yd deep green. Hour-glass shaped green with a wider back. Only gentle sways except 60100% depth on the right half which slopes to the back right.
Par 35
Blue 3142
Green 2855
Yellow 2545
Par 72
Blue 6462
Green 5880
Yellow 5205

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