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Doral Golf Resort and Spa - GOLD COURSE


4400 NW 87th Avenue    MIAMI    FL  33178   800-71-DORAL or  305-592-2000


Course Designer : von Hagge/Devlin 1995 redesign by Raymond Floyd  
Director of Golf :
 Mike Rushing  GM of Golf:  Darrin Helfrick   Director of Agronomy : Eric Van Hoffen

Semi Public - Members and Resort Guest: Doral is the site of the 2005 Ford Championship
Yardage from Back tees - 6,602yds,   Par 70     Rating 73.3,    Slope 129
Yardage from White tees - 5,747yds,  Par 70     Rating 68.7,    Slope 124

Caddie's Summary:. Doral is well known and established as a great golf resort. Offering all amenities and five beautiful courses. The GOLD Course is one of the best for all ranges of golfers. Although there is plenty of water and some very difficult signature shots (such as the approach to the island green at 18), the course plays well to medium handicappers. Water comes into play, mostly just off fairways, on 16 of the 18 holes. The design is a traditional Florida layout with the extra touch of some heavily sloped and undulating greens. With the greens rolling fast, the GOLD course plays several strokes more difficult, but normally, the maintenance team has it in condition for a less-stressful play. Nature-lovers will enjoy the diverse array of birds and water life.

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Yardage Photo
From Tees
Landing Area to Green
Caddie Tips
Par 4
HC - 11
gold 406
blue 373
white 347
Left bunker begins at 156yd CG and ends at 131yd CG. 10yds past bunker water cuts into 3/4 of the fairway. Approach to a 25yd deep green. Front right corner releases long. The rest flows to the front.
Par 5
HC - 7
gold 517
blue 482
white 467
Bunkers right and hidden water 10yd left of the fairway off tee - up to 150yd CG. Fairway curls left around water. On second shot, tree just left of fairway is at 84yd CG. 19yd deep green by 26yd wide. All but left edge and front right corner (slopes moderately right) flows gently to the front right.
Par 4
HC - 9
gold 415
blue 387
white 369
Right bunker ends at 145yd CG. Left bunker begins at 145yd CG. Water left of the fairway. Fairway has slight bend right. 34yd deep green. Right 1/2 slopes left (heavily in the back 40%). Back 60% on the left 1/2 slopes to the front left.
Par 4
HC - 1
gold 440
blue 420
white 388
Left bunker begins at 197yd CG. Fairway curls left around water. Right bunker begins at 197yd CG. 36yd deep green. Right 2/3 on the front 40% slopes left. All of the back 30% slopes to the front left.
Par 4
HC - 3
gold 433
blue 413
white 364
Water to the left ends at 135yd CG. Narrow, 35yd deep green. Heavy (left 1/2) to moderate (right 1/2) ridge across green at 15% depth slopes to the front or releases long over the top. 35-70% depth slopes moderately to the front.
Par 4
HC - 13
gold  414
blue 393
white 343
Right bunker begins at 136yd CG. Water hugs the left side beginning 150yd CG. 32yd deep green. Front 20% on the left 1/2 slopes to the front. 40-100% depth on the right 1/2 slopes moderately right. Left 1/2 all flows moderately right except small level area at 60% depth.
Par 3
HC - 15
gold  199
blue 168
white 146
Pin position alters club selection on this 37yd deep green. Front 40% slopes to the front. 55-80% depth slopes to the back. Back 10% slopes gently to the front and away from midline.
Par 4
HC - 5
gold  417
blue 394
white 374
Water hugs right edge and both left and right bunkers begin at 161yd CG. At 120yd CG water cuts into majority of fairway, long hitters beware. Massive 41yd deep green by 30yd wide. Front 15% moderately slopes to the front. Left 2/3  all slopes to the front except minor depression at 50% on the left edge. right 1/3 flows right with a ridge at 60% depth sloping to the front or releasing long over the top.
Par 3
HC - 17
gold  196
blue 176
white 150
25yd deep by 34yd wide green. Front 40% on the left 1/2 slopes to the front and right on the left edge. Back 40% on the left 1/2 slopes to the back left corner. Right 1/2 all flows right except the front right corner which releases gently left.
Par 35 gold  3437
blue 3206
white 2938

Yardage Photo
From Tees
Landing Area to Green
Caddie Tips
Par 4
HC - 10
gold 387
blue 365
white 349
With a good wind, long hitters may elect to go at this green. Otherwise, shots should lay back as water cuts off fairway at 100yd CG. 30yd deep green with right 1/3 releasing long up to 55% depth. 60-95% depth on the right 1/3 slopes to the front. All of the back left corner drifts moderately to the back left edge.
Par 5
HC - 2 
gold  579
blue 547
white 522
Left bunker begins at 270yd CG. Hugging it is best. Water all along the right. On second shot, open fairway from 150-100yd CG. 29yd deep green angled gently left. Front 15% slopes to the front. Left 1/2 and right edge gently flows right. Back right gently slopes to the front.
Par 3
HC - 18
gold  153
blue 236
white 123
23yd deep green all has moderate slope to the front right. Downhill putts with a fast green are a challenge.
Par 4
HC - 12
gold  350
blue 333
white 307
Short Par 4. Left bunker ends at 92yd CG (water after and left of bunker). Fairway slants left. 23yd deep green. Right 2/3 slopes moderately to the front right. Left 1/3 slopes to the front. Back 15% on the right 2/3 is level.
Par 4
HC - 4
gold  422
blue 404
white 380
Right bunker ends at 141 yd CG, where fairway also starts to narrow on left with water canal. Level, 28yd deep green with right 1/3 having gentle slope to the back left.
Par 3
HC - 16
gold  173
blue 159
white 124
24yd deep green. Left 2/3 slopes gently left, except the back left corner flowing gently to the front.
Par 5
HC - 6
gold  517
blue 498
white 478
Right bunker ends at 200yd CG. Left begins at 189yd CG and ends at 156yd CG. 31yd deep green. Left 2/3 slopes moderately right and gently to the front. Back right corner slopes right. Right 1/3 slopes to the front.
Par 3
HC - 14
gold  187
blue 179
white 170
Only a 21yd deep green by 36yd wide, angled left. Right 1/2 of the green slopes to the front right, except just over the bunker releases only right. Front 20% on the left 1/2 slopes to the front left.
Par 4
HC - 8
gold  397
blue 382
white 356
Left bunkers begin at 126yd CG and end at 96yd CG. 30yds past that and water cuts off fairway. Island green. 31yd deep green. Ridge across at 65% depth slopes moderately to the front and creates the back upper tier.
Par 35 gold  3165
blue 3003
white 2809
Par 70 gold  6602
blue 6209
white 6747

All Photography copyright 2004, (a 4CornersOfTheWorld, LLC company)

copyright Tid Griffin - 2006