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Lake Forest Country Club


14000 Landmark Drive    Louisville    KY 40245   Pro Shop (502) 245-6184


Course Designer : Arnold Palmer  Head Golf Pro : Matt Taylor  Course Superintendent : Pete Willard

Private: $25,000 Membership Fee - Sponsored Guest Fee $50/weekday and $60/weekend and holiday
Golf Digest Top Ten in Kentucky

Caddie's Summary:. Lake Forest has one, if not THE best and most challenging layouts in the State of Kentucky. It is a full experience with difficult driving areas, large bunkers and complex greens. There are a lot of homes around the course, but they are all luxury and the setting remains quiet. Water is prevalent on the course with nearly every hole having a creek, pond or lake. The conditioning is simply fantastic. Every hole keeps your attention and mandates a level of concentration to shoot your handicap. The course plays fairly from tee to green yet misses find trouble. Amenities include banquet facilities, fine dining, 19th hole bar, full service locker room, clay tennis courts, junior Olympic pool, and practice facilities.

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Yardage Photo
From Tees
Landing Area to Green
Caddie Tips
Par 4
HC - 17
Palmer - 374
Gold - 328
Blue - 300
Right bunker begins at 149yd from Center Green (CG) where fairway bends slightly left. Approach to a 44yd deep green by 22yd wide. Heavy ridge across left 3/4 of the green at 50% depth slopes to the front or releases hard long over the top. Front 50% on the left 1/2  slopes gently to the front; right 1/2 gently slopes left. Back 50% all slopes gently left.
Par 5
HC - 9
Palmer - 581
Gold - 543
Blue - 494
Right bunker ends at ~260yd from CG and fairway declines and slants left just after bunker till 180yd CG. Last 150yd is downhill. 28yd deep by 29yd wide green. Front 60% slopes to the back and gently right. Back 40% gently slopes to the front and ridge at midline slopes moderately right or left.
Par 4
HC - 3
Palmer - 409
Gold - 373
Blue - 345
Most of fairway inclines and slants left. Inclining approach to a 34yd deep by 33yd wide green. Front 30%  (except for left edge) funnels to midline. Back 50% on the right 1/4 slopes to the front and left. Back right corner slopes hard to the front or left. Rest of the back of the green slopes gently left.
Par 4
HC - 13
Palmer - 373
Gold - 355
Blue - 330
Right bunker at the beginning of fairway ends at 168yd from CG. Water comes into play on right side of fairway at 85yd from CG. 40yd deep by 30yd wide green. Front 10% funnels to midline. Front 65% slopes gently to the back. Left 1/3 slopes right. Back 35% slopes gently to the front.
Par 4
HC - 1
Palmer - 456
Gold - 428
Blue - 399
Right bunkers end at 221yd CG. declining fairway from 235yd CG to 132yd CG where water cuts into right edge of fairway. 22yd deep by 37yd wide green. Midline is just left of the front bunker. Left 1/2 slopes right and back 75% also to the front. Right 1/2 gently to the front except over bunker which releases left or gently long.
Par 3
HC - 11
Palmer - 231
Gold - 194
Blue - 155
37yd deep green by 28yd wide green. Left 1/2 slopes gently to the front and right with two mounds (at 40% and 60% depths) releases hard right. right 1/2 slopes to the front and gently left.
Par 5
HC - 15
Palmer - 558
Gold - 521
Blue - 468
Over left bunker is light rough. Just right of there is ideal drive. Water cuts off right edge of fairway at ~200yd CG. Declining fairway till 100yd CG. 27yd deep by 31yd wide green all slopes to the front. Right 1/2 also slopes gently left.
Par 3
HC - 7
Palmer - 219
Gold - 205
Blue - 186
35yd deep by 28yd wide green angles left. All slopes to the front. Mound on the right  edge at 50% depth releases hard left. Mound at midline in front releases right or hard long over the top. Left 1/2 also slopes right.
Par 4
HC - 5
Palmer - 396
Gold - 357
Blue - 330
Left bunker begins at 103yd CG. Water cuts into right side of fairway at 77yd CG. 35yd deep by 28yd wide green. All goes right. Just right of mound slopes hard right. ridge across green at 55% depth slopes to the front or releases long over the top.
Par 36 Palmer - 3597
Gold - 3304
Blue - 3007


Yardage Photo
From Tees
Landing Area to Green
Caddie Tips
Par 4
HC - 2
Palmer - 414
Gold - 393
Blue - 353
Water edge at center fairway is 205yd from CG. Inclining approach to 38yd deep by 27yd wide green angled left. All slopes gently left and to the front. Mound at midline on very back releases hard right or left.
Par 4
HC - 6 
Palmer - 447
Gold - 413
Blue - 376
Inclined tees to declining fairway. Water in play at 145yd from CG. Slightly inclined green is 38yd deep by 40yd wide. All flows left. Mound on the back left of midline slope right or hard left. Mound on front just left of midline releases gently right or long left over the top.
Par 4
HC - 14
Palmer - 385
Gold - 348
Blue - 320
Declining fairway. Water in play from left edge at 85yd CG to center fairway at 70yd CG. right 2/3 of green slopes gently to the front. Ridge through green on right 2/3 releases right. Mound on the back right corner slopes to the front or releases hard left.
Par 3
HC - 18
Palmer - 158
Gold - 141
Blue - 114
32yd deep by 33yd wide green angles right. Heavy ridge through midline releases hard left or right on the front 75% of the green. Rest of the green has a very gentle slope to the front.
Par 5
HC - 12
Palmer - 524
Gold - 485
Blue - 448
Gently inclining fairway238yd CG (left bunker ends at 243yd CG). On second shot, right bunkers begin at 107yd CG. 34yd deep by 22yd wide green all slopes moderately right except the back right corner. Front 65% slopes to the front, back 35% to the back.
Par 3
HC - 16
Palmer - 194
Gold - 166
Blue - 134
38yd deep by 25yd wide green. Right 3/4 slopes left. Mound on front left corner releases right or long over the top. Back 80% slopes to the front.
Par 4
HC - 10
Palmer - 427
Gold - 393
Blue - 355
Left bunker ends at 212yd CG and the right bunker at 207yd CG. Declining fairway from 150yd CG in. right 1/2 of the green slopes left (front 50% moderately left) Left 1/2 slopes gently right and to the front.
Par 5
HC - 8
Palmer - 535
Gold - 505
Blue - 449
Fairway slants hard right. Left 1/2 is necessary play to avoid creek along right edge. Lay up shots past left bunker kick right. elevated green is 33yd deep by 27yd wide. All slopes to the front left. Back right corner slopes hard left.
Par 4
HC - 4
Palmer - 437
Gold - 403
Blue - 366
Creek all along left edge. inclining fairway slants left and right bunker ends at 180yd CG. Cutting corner just right of the left trees is best. Uphill approach to the green. Ridge across at 45% depth slopes hard to the front and will release balls to 25-30% depth. Back 50% slopes gently to the front.
Par 36 Palmer - 3521
Gold - 3247
Blue - 2915
Par 72 Palmer - 7118
Gold - 6551
Blue - 5922



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