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NCR Country Club - Kettering - South Course


 4435 Dogwood Trail   Dayton    OH 45429   Pro Shop (937) 643-6940


Course Designer : Dick Wilson   Head Golf Pro : Steve Kennedy  Course Superintendent :   Jim Campion    Dir. of Golf : Steve Lambert



Private - Members and Members' Guest Only. Golf Digest Top Ten in Ohio.
1969 PGA Championship; 1986 US Women's Open; 1998 US Mid Amateur
$20,000 Initiation Fee
Guests of Members Only ($90 South Course, $60 North Course)

Tees and Fairways: Bent     Greens: Bent Grass    Rough: Bluegrass  

Ratings (handicap/slope) Yardage
Black - (74.3/143) 7055yd - Par 71
Blue - (72.2/140) 6630yd
Green - (70.7/133) 6223yd

Caddie's Summary:  A home to many championship tournaments, NCR is one of the most difficult courses around and surprisingly has no water. It needs none, every hole is demanding and original and the stroll through mature wooded landscape is simply fantastic. Dick Wilson (architect) is well known for the high-walled bunkers and heavily sloping greens. Word is that they will have the greens running at around 11-11.5 for the US Senior Open - which is plenty, as much of the green surface is lost with higher speeds. Regarding the challenge of NCR, it is easily the greens that are most difficult. Large and spacious, approach shots must often be played below the hole and to play close, balls will have to be maneuvered off green slopes and ridges. The best of putters will have a three putt or two with the greens at high speeds. Manicuring is, dining immaculate. Jim Campion has the course in tournament condition nearly every day - edging, trim and even the collection of leaves and grass cuts are all done with care. Amenities include a range, pool, banquette room, bar and fitness center.

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Yardage Photo
From Tees
Landing Area to Green
Caddie Tips
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NOTE: in the 2005 Senior Open, #9 and #18 will be switched

Par 4
HC - 1
Black 452
Blue 437
Green 420
Fairway slants right. Left 1/2 or draw is a must. Approach to a 35yd deep green. Front 75% on the right 1/2 slopes to the back and also right on the rear edge. Left 1/2 releases long over the bunker and slopes left near (4yd) the edge. Back 20% slopes gently to the front.
Par 3
HC - 15
Black 174
Blue 149
Green 129
38yd deep green. 11yd wide front 50% (between bunkers) slopes moderately to the front and funnels gently to the midline. 50-85% depth releases long. Back left corner has heavy slope to the front.
Par 4
HC - 3
Black 432
Blue 407
Green 383
Tee to an inclining fairway that bends right at the left bunker (ends at 161yd CG). Uphill to a 38yd deep green. Front 45% slopes hard to the front right. Back 50% slopes moderately right on the left 2/3 and all of the back 50% slopes to the front.
Par 4
HC - 5
Black 390
Blue 372
Green 351
Fairway curls right and long hitters must club down or play fade. Fairway slants right. Right bunker ends at 99yd CG. Approach to a 47yd deep green. Over front bunker releases long or moderately right. Back 70% slopes to the back right. Except mound on the right edge at 70% depth slopes to the front or left. Back left and back middle mounds  slope gently to the front.
Par 5
HC - 9
Black 558
Blue 528
Green 506
Narrow fairway funnels to the center. On the second shot, right bunker begins at 102yd CG. Uphill approach to a 37yd deep green. Front 60% slopes moderately to the front and right (right edge (5yd) is false green). Back 35% slopes to the back right - heavily just over the right side of the left bunker.
Par 5
HC - 13
Black 552
Blue 517
Green 492
Elevated tees. Fairway angles right. Left side of fairway kicks hard right. Fades play well to the left side. Sharp fairway decline begins at 123yd CG (1st right bunker begins at 116yd CG). 35yd deep green. All flows to the front. Gentle mound over front bunker releases left or gently right. Midline flows left. Back 15% slopes very heavily tot he front.
Par 4
HC - 7
Black 428
Blue 408
Green 384
Cutting right edge of fairway is ideal. Fairway bends right at 180yd CG. Approach to a well protected, 27yd deep green. All gently flows to the front. Just over right front bunker releases left. Just inside of the left bunker releases right.
Par 3
HC - 17
Black 172
Blue 155
Green 133
Front 90% slopes to the back and left 1/2 flows gently left. Back 10% of the green slopes heavily to the front.
Par 4
HC - 11
Black 441
Blue 403
Green 376
Right bunker begins at 220yd CG. Left bunker begins at 171yd CG. Hugging left bunker is ideal as fairway kicks long right (through fairway) at left bunker. Fairway bends left there. Approach to a 42yd deep green. With greens rolling fast, the front 25% will roll to fringe. Left 1/5 releases hard right. Back 80% slopes moderately to the front with the middle 1/3 sloping gently right.
Par 36 Black 3599
Blue 3376
Green 3174


Yardage Photo
From Tees
Landing Area to Green
Caddie Tips
Par 5
HC - 10
Black 548
Blue 524
Green 502
Gently inclining fairway till 270yd CG. Right bunker begins at 281yd CG. Last 250yd is downhill till 75yd CG. 30yd deep green angled right. Back 40% slopes moderately/heavily to the front and also slopes left. Front 60% slopes moderately left and to the front.
Par 4
HC - 6 
Black 383
Blue 367
Green 346
Inclining fairway till 146yd CG (end of left bunker). Fairway bends slightly left at 120yd CG. Long hitters must go over left bunker. 40yd deep green. 9yd wide (between bunkers) on the front 30% - which slopes to the front. All of the right 1/2 slopes left. Back left corner slopes gently right. Back 40% slopes gently to the front.
Par 4
HC - 2
Black 460
Blue 439
Green 418
Elevated tees. Left bunker begins at 188yd CG. fairway bends slightly left at 165yd CG. Undulating fairway to green. 43yd deep green. Front 85% slopes to the front. Front 20% on the right 1/3 slopes right. Left of the right bunker (30-80% depth) releases hard left. Back right corner slopes off to the fringe.
Par 3
HC - 14
Black 204
Blue 188
Green 172
41yd deep green all slopes right. Left 1/2 slopes moderately in the front 50% and heavily right from 50-90% depth. Over the front right bunker releases long.
Par 4
HC - 18
Black 401
Blue 363
Green 313
Elevated tees. Left bunker begins at 125yd CG. Fairway has slight slant right. Plays just inside left bunker are ideal. Fairway bends left at 100yd CG. Slightly uphill to a 35yd deep green angled left. Heavily sloped back 20% (basically the back left corner) will release and roll back to 75% green depth. Left 1/2 (back 60%) slopes heavily to the front. Front 40% (basically the right 1/2 of the green) slopes to the front. Over the bunker releases long.
Par 3
HC - 12
Black 234
Blue 198
Green 175
Slightly uphill 234yd (from tips) Par 3 to a 46yd deep green. Run-ups to the right side will kick left up to the bunker. Right 2/3 slopes moderately/heavily (right 1/3) left. Front 30% also slopes moderately to the front. 30-70% depth slopes gently to the front. Left 1/3 from 60-85% depth slopes left as well.
Par 4
HC - 4
Black 453
Blue 440
Green 425
Declining fairway slanting right till 190yd CG. Fairway bends right slightly at 155yd CG. Uphill approach to a 40yd deep green. Right 3/4 slopes moderately to heavily (back 50%) to the front left. Left 1/4 of the green in the front 75% releases hard right.
Par 4
HC - 16
Black 352
Blue 336
Green 320
Elevated tees. Right bunker begins at 108yd CG. 40yd deep green angles left. Left 1/4 releases hard right. Right 1/2 slopes to the front.
Par 4
HC - 8
Black 421
Blue 399
Green 378
Declining fairway to 185yd CG. Fairway slants right. right bunker begins at 154yd CG. Left bunker at 126yd CG. Gentle incline to the green. 49yd deep green is angled left. Narrow front 15% funnels to the middle/right and slopes to the front. Right of the left bunker releases hard right and hard long over the top. Back 70% slopes moderately to the front right. Back left corner has very heavy slope to the front right.
Par 35 Black 3456
Blue 3254
Green 3049
Par 71 Black 7055
Blue 6630
Green 6223

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copyright Tid Griffin - 2006