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Orange County National
Panther Lake Course


16301 Phil Ritson Way
Winter Garden, Florida
toll free (888) PAR.3672 or (407) 656.2626


Course Designer: Dave Harman and Isao Aoki   Superintendent: General Manager of OCN: Bruce Gerlander


Tees and aprons - Bermuda      Fairways - Bermuda    Greens -  Tiff Dwarf
Overseed tees, fairways and rough are overseeded with rye grass in Winter

Ratings (handicap/slope) Yardage
Photos are taken in January 2006 during the early stages of Rye Grass overseeding

Caddie's Summary:    Orange County National (OCN) is an excellent golf destination complete with two championship golf courses (Panther Lake and Crooked Cat). The Phil Ritson golf institute is located on property and includes excellent teaching facilities for all levels of students. OCN is also home of the Q-School finals, which is a launching pad for PGA golfers. The Panther Lake course is very demanding from the tips, and fairway bunkers become trecherous. Views surrounding the course include orange tree orchards, brush fields and some excellent wildlife sitings. Fast greens during tournament play also make focus a must for any low scores. Bunkers vary from flat to deep and ridged, and are well placed to protect greens and to keep long hitters honest when cutting corners. Large greens average 35 yards in depth and pin placements can change club selection on approaches and demand gutsy shots to get tight.

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