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Yardage Photo
From Tees
Landing Area to Green
Caddie Tips
Par 4
HC - 18
Purgatory 373
Black 361
Blue 332
White 328
From the tips, 282yd can take you through the fairway. Best drive position is right of bunkers or just beyond.  Leaving ~100yd to Center Green (CG). 38 green depth. Back  50% (only 405 on right half) of green slopes gently to back except in back/left corner where it slopes gently to the front.
Par 4
HC - 8
Purgatory 462
Black 442
Blue 409
White 394
Drive over water. From tips, driving directly at forth bunker (from right to left) takes 259yd to carry water and has ~50yd of landing fairway. Safer drive to the 2nd bunker from right brings bunkers into play at 273yd from the tips. End of last bunker is 110yd from CG. 43yd deep green . Front 50% has only slight undulations (front/left corner releases right. Back 50% has gentle slope to back.
Par 3
HC - 16
Purgatory 197
Black 173
Blue 156
White 142
  Take into consideration a 59yd deep green. Front 40% is narrow (~14yd). Front/right corner releases hard left and forward. 30-40% depth has moderate (on left) to heavy (on right) slope to the front. Back 60% is nearly 30yd wide with all but the very left side sloping to the left. Just right of green's midline, a ridge slopes heavy left. Back/left corner slopes heavy to the right.
Par 4
HC - 2
Purgatory 473
Black 445
Blue 421
White 408
A downhill, "knobby" fairway. Shoot gap in tree line, left/center is ideal for approach shot. 40yd deep green. Front 50% all slopes to a center spot at 25% depth (left has heavy slope to right). Back 50% is narrow with the right releasing moderately left and long due to a ridge at 60% depth.
Par 5
HC - 6
Purgatory 551
Black 533
Blue 508
White 489
39yd deep green. Drives to a slightly slanting left fairway. second shot gets interesting. Water and bunker narrow the fairway to 11yd wide at 115yd from CG. Very minor depression on right at 40% depth slopes gently toward right. Front 50% slopes to front and very gently toward right. Ridge at 65% depth on left releases right and also long over the top. Ridge on right side at 65% releases left and long over the top.
Par 4
HC - 10
Purgatory 434
Black 417
Blue 395
White 372
Drives should hug most inside right bunker. End of bunker is 151yd from CG and ample fairway is beyond. Approach to a slightly elevated, 35yd deep green. Heavy undulations. U-shaped ridge runs from 40% depth on left toward back/right corner then across to 80% depth on right. Ridge has heavy slope to front/right of green. Just over left bunker releases long into that small portion of the green.
Par 3
HC - 12
Purgatory 231
Black 212
Blue 183
White 156
  28yd deep green. narrow front opens in the back to the left side. Front 70% on right half slopes left. Front/left corner releases slightly right. Back 305 is an upper tier with right half sloping moderately left. 50-70% green depth has moderate slope to the front.
Par 4
HC - 4
Purgatory 487
Black 481
Blue 455
White 423
Right bunker begins at 232yd from CG and ends at 217yd from CG. Left side of fairway slants right. Fairway bends right at 190yd from CG. Tees from front boxes should hug right bunker. 42yd deep green. Front 30% has gentle slope to front. Ridge curling from 65% depth on left to 45% depth on right releases hard long to a bottom "tier" in the back.
Par 5
HC - 14
Purgatory 579
Black 561
Blue 544
White 519
Fairway is only 7yd wide at 270yd from CG due to left and right bunkers. Opens on left over bunker. On second shot, a left bunker moves slightly into the fairway at 150yd from CG. 35yd deep green. Front 25% has a slight middle ridge releasing left or right. Back/right corner is a mound sloping hard left. Back/left corner slopes very gently to the back.
Par 36 Purgatory 3787
Black 3625
Blue 3403
White 3231


Yardage Photo
From Tees
Landing Area to Green
Caddie Tips
Par 4
HC - 17
Purgatory 473
Black 449
Blue 424
White 396
Bunker on left begins at 162yd from CG. Drives need to be tight to that bunker to avoid avoid a large tree (65yd from CG) on the middle/right of fairway from blocking the approach shot. 38yd deep green all slopes gently to moderately to the front (except back/right corner which is a small plateau). Right side of green at 40% depth releases left. Left side at 75%  depth slopes hard to the front. Back 5% of green is a small upper tier.
Par 4
HC - 15 
Purgatory 406
Black 390
Blue 356
White 328
Front bunker on the right begins at 146yd from CG and ends at 77yd from CG. Second bunker ends 94yd from CG. Fairway ends at 40yd from front of green - just before large depressed area and a stone wall.  Mound just short of green on the right releases hard left and long or right over the top. 30yd deep green angles left. From the center fairway, the mid-line of the green slopes left (and also to the front in the back closer to the back of the green). Mound on left side of green releases to the front in the front, right to the right or long over the top.
Par 3
HC - 11
Purgatory 235
Black 202
Blue 184
White 170
  35yd deep green. Front 60% on the right half slopes left. Back/right at 65% releases long. Ridge at 30% depth releases long. Ridge at 30% depth on left edge releases right or long over the top. Back/left of green has gentle slope to the front and to the left.
Par 5
HC - 5
Purgatory 741/624
Black 590
Blue 558
White 528
741yd from the tips, 590yd from Blacks. Over the left bunker at 380yd CG is light rough and inline with inside edge or right of the bunker is fairway. Second shot sees bend in fairway to the right at 165yd from CG.  Approach to 36yd green.  Bottom tier covers front 50% of green. All of front slopes to the front. From 50-70% green depth on left is a sunken area that captures approach shots to left 1/3 of the green. Upper tier of green all slopes left - moderately on the back/left and heavily on the back/right.
Par 4
HC - 3
Purgatory 469
Black 454
Blue 436
White 430
Straight-away drive. Third bunker on the left is at 180yd from CG. 27yd deep green opens in the back to the right. Right half of green slopes gently left except in the back/right corner where it is level. Left/front edge of green releases slightly right. Middle/front releases gently to the left.
Par 4
HC - 9
Purgatory 453
Black 434
Blue 397
White 378
Large left bunker begins at 176yd from CG and ends at 144yd from CG. Uphill approach. Large 36yd deep green levels 2-3 times up to the back/left corner. Front 50% and all of right half slopes right. In green's mid-line, beginning at 80% depth and extending to the back, a ridge releases heavily to the front/right. Another small ridge encircles the back 15%/left elevated corner.
Par 4
HC - 1
Purgatory 474
Black 441
Blue 409
White 384
Fairway narrows to 16yd wide at 185yd from CG and opens slightly to the right at 150yd from CG. Approach to a well-guarded 36yd deep green. Mound at front/right releases hard left or gently long over the top. Mound at 40% depth on left slopes heavily to the front or heavily long over the top. Back/right half of green slopes left.
Par 3
HC - 17
Purgatory 173
Black 159
Blue 145
White 120
Named "hell's half acre". 42yd deep green. Front/left corner slopes to the front. Right/front releases hard long and moderately right. Mound on left at 25% depth releases hard to front or hard right. Back 40%  of green slopes to front and to center from left and right sides.
Par 5
HC - 13
Purgatory 543
Black 524
Blue 484
White 457
Visible bunker on far right is 304yd from  tips (222yd from CG). Middle bunkers end at 215yd from CG, over which is the only fairway that exists from 215yd to 150yd from CG. Left bunker begins at 200yd from CG. Front 30% of the green slopes to the front/center. Over bunker on right releases moderately long. Ridge on left over bunker releases right. Back portion of green has slight undulations and gentle slope right.
Par 36 Purgatory 3967
Black 3643
Blue 3393
White 3191
Par 72 Purgatory 7754
Black 7268
Blue 6796
White 6422


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