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Quail Hollow Country Club - Weiskopf/Morrish Course


11080 Concord-Hambden Road    Painesville    OH 44077   Pro Shop 440-350-3500


Course Designer : Weiskopf/Morrish Director of Golf/Manager : Steve Ranney Course Superintendent :Gary Zagar


The Quail Hollow (Renaissance) Hotel and Resort

Semi Private

Tees and Fairways - Bent
Greens - Bent Grass
Sand - White

Par 72
Ratings (handicap/slope) Yardage
Gold - (74.6/136) 6872yd
Blue - (72.4/130) 6408yd
White - (70.4/125) 6019yd

Caddie's Summary:
. Quail Hollow Resort is a full venue of club amenities and championship golf. With 36 Holes, there is plenty of golf, and the Weiskopf/Morrish design is both scenic and challenging. The course plays a long 6872 from the tips with many drives requiring the golfer to lay back and the Par 5's are very difficult to reach in two. Most appealing, the mature landscape wraps around the course and envelopes the golfer on a true escape. Wetlands, dense woods and white sand bunkers add to the beauty and challenge and mandate precision. Large, undulating greens also make for an interesting round.

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Yardage Photo
From Tees
Landing Area to Green
Caddie Tips
  Extra Scenic Shots
Par 4
HC - 12
Gold - 401
Blue - 346
Silver - 334
Left bunker begins at 104yd Center Green (CG) and is 250yd from the Blue tees. Gently inclining fairway. Approach to a 40yd deep green. 20-45% depth has heavy slope to the back. 60-70% depth slopes heavily to the front. Back 30% is crowned at the midline with left edge floating off to the fringe.
Par 5
HC - 4
Gold - 581
Blue - 542
Silver - 532
Fairway has slight bend left at 285yd CG and again at 245yd CG. On second shot, the visible bunker begins at 94yd CG. 34yd deep green is tucked to the left of the fairway. Front 25% on the left 1/2 slopes to the front left. Front 65%  slopes to the front and gently left. Back 30% slopes left.
Par 4
HC - 6
Gold - 438
Blue - 401
Silver - 392
Fairway has a slight bend left at 165yd CG and gently declines from there to the green. 39yd deep green. Left 1/5 on the front 55% slopes to a depressed point on the left edge at 25% depth. 35-65% depth has a slope to the front and left or right from the midline.
Par 3
HC - 8
Gold - 226
Blue - 214
Silver - 201
Long Par 3 to a 41yd deep green. Ridge across green from 40% depth on the left edge to 65% depth on the right edge slopes heavily to the front right. Front of the green (to ridge) slopes to the front. Back gently slopes to the back and the right 1/2 slopes to the back right.
Par 4
HC - 2
Gold - 431
Blue - 404
Silver - 380
Room in fairway for long hitters to cut over willow tree. Dogleg right. 279yd to go through fairway (with elevated tees) just left of the first bunker. 37yd deep green. Mound on the front (over the right side of the front bunker) releases left, right or long over the top. Shallow right 1/3 moderately slopes to the front right. Mound at 50% depth or left edge slopes moderately to the front, right or moderately long over the top.
Par 3
HC - 16
Gold - 168
Blue - 156
Silver - 144
Narrow 45yd deep green angles right in the back. Right 3/4 on the front 60% slopes moderately to the back right. Ridge across green at 75% depth slopes to the front right.
Par 4
HC - 18
Gold - 312
Blue - 261
Silver - 239
Short, scenic hole. Left bunker begins at 225yd out from the Blue tees. Deep, 47yd deep green. Front 5% is false. 5-30% depth has a ridge through the midline releasing left or right (and long at 30% depth). Slight mound at midline at 80% depth releases left, right or long over the top. Back 5% slopes to the front.
Par 3
HC - 14
Gold - 205
Blue - 200
Silver - 166
  Slightly uphill par 3 to a 38yd deep green. All slows gently to the front. Left 1/2 on front 25% slopes right and releases long over the top. Undulating back 40% slopes left.
Par 5
HC - 10
Gold - 493
Blue - 481
Silver - 458
End of first fairway section is 264yd out from the Blue tees and 181yd from CG. Short (83yd) second section of fairway from 135- 52yd CG. Green is tucked right of fairway and angles right. 32yd deep by only 13yd wide. All slopes to the front (front 40% moderately). Slight depression on the left side at 65% depth attracts balls.
Par 35 Gold - 3255
Blue - 3005
Silver - 2846

Yardage Photo
From Tees
Landing Area to Green
Caddie Tips
Par 3
HC - 15
Gold - 201
Blue - 166
Silver - 157
37yd deep green widens to the back right. Left edge from 15-60% depth (on left side) releases right. Ridge through green from right of midline in the front to left of the midline in the back releases left. Back right corner slopes left and to the back.
Par 4
HC - 5 
Gold - 441
Blue - 414
Silver - 408
252yd will take golfer through center fairway from Blue tees. Fairway bends left at 165yd CG. Long hitters should play down the left edge of fairway. Approach to a 31yd deep green. Ridge from right side of trap diagonally to the back right edge releases right or long/left over the top.
Par 4
HC - 3
Gold - 453
Blue - 425
Silver - 395
Fairway curls right. Left 1/2 with fade plays best. 37yd deep green angled right. Front 15% slopes to the front. ridge (extended mound) through midline slopes left. Left 1/2 of the green slopes left and the right 1/2 slopes gently to the back right.
Par 4
HC - 11
Gold - 406
Blue - 400
Silver - 371
241 to carry second right bunker from the Blue tees (ends at 116yd CG). Otherwise must play between bunkers (best if clear the first right bunker to get the most fairway). Fairway slants right and declines from 116yd CG to 90yd CG. Approach to a 39yd deep green. False front right corner. False right edge from 20-60% depth to the fringe. Left 1/2 from 20-60% depth slopes left. Narrow back 25% slopes to the back.
Par 5
HC - 1
Gold - 609
Blue - 585
Silver - 553
288yd to go through fairway from the Blue tees - fairway bends left there. On second shot, high grass wetland is from 115yd CG to 45yd CG with fairway out to the right. Approach to a 37yd deep green all flowing to the back. Left 1/3 from 15-60% depth has heavy slope to the back. Mound on the right 1/3 at 80% depth creates moderate slope left in the back 20%.
Par 4
HC - 13
Gold - 424
Blue - 381
Silver - 326
Right bunker ends (and wetlands begin) at 11yd CG. Approach over wetlands to a 39yd deep green. Left 1/2 up to 80% depth slopes right. Mound on the front right corner releases gently long over the top. Right 1/3 slopes left from 20-80% depth.
Par 5
HC - 7
Gold - 490
Blue - 484
Silver - 456
Right 1/2 of fairway plays best for long hitters going for the green in two as the green is tucked left of the fairway. First right bunker begins at 87yd CG. Approach to a 26yd deep green angling left. Right 2/3 in the front 80% slopes left. Very slight mound in the back 10% at the midline slopes gently to the front.
Par 3
HC - 17
Gold - 168
Blue - 149
Silver - 138
29yd deep green angles right. Over right bunkers releases hard ling and right or left. All of the midline slopes left. Mound at the back of the left 1/3 slopes left, right or to the front. Right 1/3 slopes to the back.
Par 4
HC - 9
Gold - 425
Blue - 399
Silver - 369
Beginning of first left bunker is 247yd out from the Blue tees and is 145yd from CG. Funneling (to center fairway) downhill fairway till 80yd CG where a steep slant right and light rough takes over. 37yd deep green. Front 65% moderately slopes to the front. Back 25% slopes to the front and a mound in the back at the midline slopes left or right.
Par 36 Gold - 3617
Blue - 3403
Silver - 3173
Par 71 Gold - 6872
Blue - 6408
Silver - 6019

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