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Bear Slide Golf Course


6770 E. 231st Street    Cicero    IN 46034   317.984.3837


Course Architect : Dean Refram  PGA Pro : Mark Wisman  Course Superintendent : Christopher Thuer


Caddie's Summary: Bear Slide is an all around Public course. It has natural beauty, sleek design, challenge, and condition. The grooming of the course is similar to private clubs and attention to detail and fairway edging gives the track a sharp feel. The front is predominately viewed as an open course with fescue rough, white bunkers and hard fast greens. The back side is even more scenic with mature wooding surrounding many of the holes. It is a tough course from the tips, and has especially challenging tee shots into tight fairways, where misses cost strokes. The greens are in excellent shape and the course architect did a great job in producing diverse greens - that roll hard and fast. If in the area, the course is a great deal and highly recommended over any other public golf course in the area.

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Yardage Photo
From Tees
Landing Area to Green
Caddie Tips
Par 4
HC - 5
Black 395
Blue 379
White 360
Fairway has a slant to the right and tightens the fairway fro fades. Bunker on the left ends at 158yd from CG. Approach to a 35yd deep green. Mound on the left edge of green at 30% depth slopes to the front or releases long over the top. Front 30% of the green slopes tot he front, back 70% gently to the back. Note the Bear Claw bunkers behind green.
Par 4
HC - 7
Black 426
Blue 420
White 391
Fairway angles right from tees and drives should play to the left half of the fairway. Visible bunker is 90yd from CG and right at the end of the fairway (followed by light rough). Approach to a 31yd deep green that is 28yd wide. The green is mostly level and is surrounded by grass mounds.
Par 5
HC - 17
Black 517
Blue 504
White 442
Center fairway bunker is 265yd from CG (259yd from Black tees) and ends at 240yd from CG. There is about 10yd of fairway on either side. Second shots not going for the green are to a wide landing area  140-45yd from CG. Grass mound 23yd shy of the green hinders view of the 38yd deep green that narrows to the back right. All of the left 1/2 of the green has slope to the right. Front 50% also slopes gently to the back.
Par 3
HC - 11
Black 166
Blue 159
White 133
29yd deep green angles hard right. All of the green slopes gently (left 1/2) to moderately (right 1/2) to the front. Ridge in green's midline releases left or right from the midline. Mound on back right corner slopes heavily to the left or front.
Par 4
HC - 1
Black 494
Blue 453
White 422
Bunker on the left begins at 185yd from CG and ends at 148yd from CG. Approach to a 28yd deep green (very small). Front left corner releases gently right and long. Back left corner slopes moderately to the front or right.
Par 3
HC - 15
Black 186
Blue 166
White 137
  The green is only 20yd wide. In front of the green is 32yd of fairway with the left side kicking toward the green. Misses directly left of the green have a chance of kicking on. All of the green slopes moderately (left 1/2) to gently (right 1/2) to the right.
Par 4
HC - 3
Black 469
Blue 409
White 375
Drives should focus on the left half of the fairway to avoid the large tree at 153yd from CG (242yd from the Blue tees). First left bunker begins at 165yd from CG. Approach to a 31yd deep green angling right. Right edge has a mound at 30% depth releasing gently left or long over the top. Rest of the green is relatively level.
Par 5
HC - 13
Black 533
Blue 514
White 468
Right bunker begins at 250yd from CG and ends at 228yd from CG. Grass bunkers left. Long hitters have to hug the right bunker to reach in two. On second shot, first bunker on the right is 105yd from CG, shots just left of those leave best approach. From the right side of the fairway and less than 100yd in, the green is 30yd deep. From the left side and over 150yd out, the green is only 17yd deep. From that vantage point, the front 50% of the green releases gently long.
Par 4
HC - 9
Black 429
Blue 378
White 378
Left half of the fairway plays best and has a gentle slant right. End of the water hazard is 54yd from CG. Approach to (slightly downhill) 38yd deep green angling right. Front 70% of the green slopes gently to the front. Right edge of green also slopes gently left. Back 30% is level.
Par 36 Black 3615
Blue 3382
White 3106
SCENIC   #15 Tee -- #12 Green --#12 Approach

Yardage Photo
From Tees
Landing Area to Green
Caddie Tips
Par 4
HC - 8
Black 446
Blue 440
White 369
Bunker on the right begins at 176yd from CG (264yd from Blue tees) and ends at 153yd from CG. Small ditch with heavy rough is 10yd short of the bunker. Most of the fairway kicks left even with the bunker. Approach over ditch (65yd from CG) to a 35yd deep green angling right and narrowing to 9yd wide in the back 20%. Gently swaying green has gentle slope to the right except for a level front left corner.
Par 4
HC - 12 
Black 344
Blue 331
White 306
Sharp dogleg. Tricky tee shot for first-timers. Drive should be a 180yd or less club played at the rock just over the bunker. First bunker is 201yd (slightly downhill) from the Blue tees and the second bunker is 227yd from the Blue tees. Any very long hitter must drive over the right trees to reach a well-protected green (see approach photo).
Par 5
HC - 16
Black 583
Blue 528
White 517
Another tricky tee (from Blue tees, a slightly downhill 293yd will take you through the fairway to light rough). Second shot must play bunkers beginning at 190yd from CG and ending at 142yd from CG. Fairway declines over the the bunker to water beginning at 116yd from CG on the left (cuts sharply into fairway). Approach to a 36yd deep green. Level except for slight release left on the left edge (3yd in) for the front 50%.
Par 4
HC - 2
Black 448
Blue 437
White 402
  Straight away drive to fairway up to the very large bunker (with heavy sand similar to kitty litter) which consumes the fairway up to and around the green. #8yd deep green angles right. The green is slightly crowned all around to the fringes. A ridge at 40% depth releases right and long.
Par 3
HC - 10
Black 255
Blue 224
White 211
Very long Par 3 to a narrow 37yd deep green. Front 70% is only 9-12yd wide before widening to 30yd in the back 30%. Short of green is 40yd of fairway and behind the is steep bank down to light rough. Back 30% of the green has very gentle slope left and to the front.
Par 4
HC - 14
Black 337
Blue 325
White 252
From the Black tees, it takes 248yd (downhill and usually against the breeze) to carry the creek - and the golfer can only view the left half of the fairway. From the other tees, it plays as a short, downhill Par4 with hazard crowding the left edge. Approach over the bunker to a small 24yd deep green. Right edge (3yd in) slopes to fringe. Left 4/5 of the green slopes left.
Par 3
HC - 18
Black 188
Blue 172
White 120
Downhill Par 3 - club selection may be altered. 33yd deep green with creek directly in front. Green angles right. Ridge from the back through the midline (actually, just right of the midline) releases left or right.
Par 4
HC - 4
Black 376
Blue 368
White 350
A drive at the two center trees beyond the top of the hill is best alignment. Drives must be close to the end of the fairway (within 55yd) to avoid sycamores left of the green and to have clean approach. End of the fairway is 253yd uphill from the Black tees. Approach to a 23yd deep green that all slopes gently to the front.
Par 4
HC - 6
Black 449
Blue 422
White 396
Tight tee with left half playing best to avoid sycamore on the right (first at 146yd from CG). Fairway ends (at 108yd from CG) to light rough and creek. Slightly elevated green is 35yd deep. The green has numerous gentle sways but is overall level. All of the banks around the green slant toward the green.
Par 36
Black 3426
Blue 3247
White 2923
Par 72
Black 7041
Blue 6629
White 6029

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copyright Tid Griffin - 2006