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Blackthorn Golf Course


6100 Nimtz Parkway    South Bend    IN 46628   812.858.8230 Pro Shop 812.858.1790


Head Golf Pro : Tim Firestone  Course Superintendent : John Quickstad


Public Course - Annual Memberships Available. Tees, Fairways - Bent Grass Greens - Bent Grass Ratings (handicap/slope) Greens Fee: Weekday for Local Resident - $46; Weekday for non-Resident - $49; Twilight $33 Weekends for Local Resident - $56; Weekend for non-Resident - $59 Blackthorn 75.2/135 Shamrock 72.7/129 Leprechan 69.9/121

Caddie's Summary:. Blackthorn's stone clubhouse and setting is an immediate statement to the course's professionalism and status. It is one of the finest public courses in Indiana. The course has the feel of a new and demanding layout and receives a lot of traffic. Still, the course remains in excellent condition with bent tees, fairways and greens. Greens run fast and firm and half of the greens offer interesting approach shots and putting surfaces. The back tees (Blackthorn) offer a challenging and long course and many holes require the golfer to keep the driver in the bag to position for doglegs or to keep shy of fairway bunkers or rough. Tight drives due to bunkers and trees are par for the course and big hitters will often find very narrow fairways for 275yd plus drives. Architecture of the course makes good use of fairway slants and elevation changes and the greens are well-protected. This is obviously one of the most scenic and challenging courses in Northern Indiana and a must play for anyone in the area.

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Yardage Photo
From Tees
Landing Area to Green
Caddie Tips
Par 4
HC - 13
Victorian 442
Tecumseh 413
Chinook 413
6 tee boxes total

Just off the left fairway is a bunker beginning just at 150yd from Center Green (CG). Best tee hugs right edge of fairway for best approach to most pin positions. Fairway narrows to ~17yds wide at 125yd from CG. Heart-shaped green with slight ridge across at 75% of green depth.
Par 4
HC - 7
Victorian 371
Tecumseh 356
Chinook 323

Tee over ravine and water. From Tec. tees it takes 255 to clear left side - most play second shot from about 100yd. Drives to the right lead to traps and a Sycamore that can block the approach shot. Approach shots going left can kick off the steep bank and only 5yds of flat rough lies between green and hazard. ~30yd deep green.
Par 5
HC - 3
Victorian 578
Tecumseh 539
Chinook 539


Consider first that the approach shot into this par 5 is a blind shot into a secured green unless the second shot is with 70yd (left side of fairway) or 50 45yd (on right side of fairway). The Drive - The narrow fairway opens wider for the long hitters abundant at 30-40yds wide. Second shot tightens with ravine remaining on the left all along the fairway and a ravine on the right starting at 105yd from CG. Again, second shot needs to hug the left edge of the fairway for the best approach. ~50yd deep green - long left is immediate hazard but short right kicks toward green.
Par 4
HC - 9
Victorian 355
Tecumseh 355
Chinook 338


No glory for the long ball as it will be attracted to the bunkers on the right. Drive plays to a draw (right-hander). Hugging the left ravine leaves the best approach shot. Other than bunkers, most of the green is slightly elevated and leaves only moderate rough for balls just off the green for several yards.
Par 3
HC - 15
Victorian 212
Tecumseh 187
Chinook 183

Huge green, yet narrow (8-15yd wide) for first 12yd of depth. Bunkers protecting front right mid left green are deep (8-12ft) with steep banks. 2 tiers - At 50% depth, the green has a  curved ridge allowing well hit balls to spin back to the lower level/center.
Par 4
HC - 1
Victorian 474
Tecumseh 432
Chinook 427

Drive plays well for a fade. The large oak (at ~200 from CG) knocks down most draws. A long approach shot meets a large, three-tiered green (~50yd deep) that takes great precision (or luck) in the landing spot. 7-15yd of moderate rough behind the green that plays difficult with the tiers sloping to the front. Tiers are a bit deceptive from the approach angle, as the top (back) tier covers almost 40% of the green and slopes slightly off the back edge.
Par 3
HC - 17
Victorian 183
Tecumseh 166
Chinook 152


Large diamond-shaped green is narrow for first 8yd (4-13yd wide) then widens considerably. Room only to miss right and long. Left bunker is about 8ft deep with steep bank in the rear.
Par 4
HC - 11
Victorian 425
Tecumseh 407
Chinook 391

Large landing area from tee with most drives being level with bunker on the right (end of bunker on the right is 121yd from CG). Beyond bunker, fairway narrows. Drives too far to the right edge of the fairway risk dealing with the trees short and left of the green. Green is deep with the back majority being wide. In the back, 15% of the green on the right veers hard right.
Par 5
HC - 5
Victorian 558
Tecumseh 542
Chinook 508

558 from tips, takes 290+ to contend with right bunker - fairway tend to bank to bunker within 10yd approximation (hard to see from tee). Second shot should steer left of the fairway bunker to get the best approach shot - Leaving a slightly downhill approach. All long and right of the green is immediate hazard. Slight ridge angles around the front/right side of the green and pulls balls to a lower level.
Par 36 Victorian 3598
Tecumseh 3397
Chinook 3274
Ayrshire 3064
Squaw Ck 2735

Yardage Photo
From Tees
Landing Area to Green
Caddie Tips
Par 5
HC - 12
Victorian 543
Tecumseh 526
Chinook 526

Drives will contend with left and right guarding bunkers (center of bunkers are 267yd from CG - Center Green). Long hitters can take the next right bunker out of play but must consider that the fairway kicks balls left - left of fairway leads to moderate/heavy rough and the 20ft grass wall up to the green. Long, slender green (~50yd deep). Due to raised green in all direction, the surface tends to be firm, especially in the back. Upper tier (rear) of green has false green covering 20% of the right side. Lower level has only moderate sways.
Par 3
HC - 14 
Victorian 233
Tecumseh 196
Chinook 176

Green is nearly 50yd deep and 15yd wide. Back left of green kicks toward hazard. Both long and right misses have up to 12yd of light rough before hazard. Most of the green drifts toward the center, Typically leaving the green relatively softer than the others.
Par 4
HC - 16
Victorian 357
Tecumseh 343
Chinook 317

The left bunker begins at 113yd from CG. At 100yd to CG, the fairway widens. Best drive positions are between 65-80yd from CG. Closer than 60yd risks going through fairway and putting the large trees into play. Behind and right of green are out-of-view "grass bunkers". Narrow green, back left corner drifts away making it tough to check balls snug to that pin placement.
Par 4
HC - 18
Victorian 395
Tecumseh 393
Chinook 345


13 seems to be a breather before things get serious on the closing holes. Nothing good about taking the left fork off the drive - go right. 135yd from CG into the green has only a small (3yd diameter) pot bunker at 50yd from CG.  Narrow green gives a bit of leeway to balls missing right and long. Unless pin is on the back, left, a straight-forward approach (back left drift away). Front 13yd of green dives right. Back right allows balls to be spun off the mound but balls hit to the back, left will be gone immediately (only 2ft of rough to hazard).
Par 4
HC - 2
Victorian 471
Tecumseh 443
Chinook 443

Past the left bunkers (200yd from CG) to green is tighter than the viewed fairway (becomes ~17yd wide). Drives to left 50% of fairway have a straight approach shot to the green. Approach shots missing long or right have only moderate rough. Left 75% of front green protected by a steep, 15+ft grass bank (deeper than it looks). Long left has a steep bank (~4-5ft height) and 7yd of moderate rough before the heavy thickets. Green is only 25yd deep, yet is wide (~40yd). With a right pin placement, balls can be spun off the slope in the middle of the green.  
Par 5
HC - 8
Victorian 548
Tecumseh 535
Chinook 530

Bunker right of fairway begins at 260yd from CG. The left side of the fairway begins to angle inward at 250yd from CG. Considering the water guarding the front of the green, the risk of the narrow fairway makes one consider going long off the tee. Best landing area for the second shot is 85-120yd from CG - left side of fairway best for the approach. Getting closer to the green by going right of the water hazard leaves a large mound to contend with guarding the right side of the green. Green has a snug #8 appearance with a slight mound separating back from front.
Par 3
HC - 10
Victorian 208
Tecumseh 194
Chinook 168

Green ~35yd deep with no room to miss short or left. Ridge is located across green at 75% depth. Little room for error, green drifts front and left.
Par 4
HC - 4
Victorian 454
Tecumseh 428
Chinook 414

Bunker on right ends at 179yd from CG. Fairway plays to a fade. To go big off the tee, consider the water inlet that must be carried (actually jets into the fairway behind the bunker - hard to view from tee) ends at 125yd from CG. Narrow green gives shots missing left a second chance kick to the green. Anything missing right (up to 80% depth of green) finds deep bunkers with steep slopes.
Par 4
HC - 6
Victorian 432
Tecumseh 406
Chinook 405

What a finish. A drive even with the bunker on the left leaves 175yd to CG. Approaches to green with long irons be aware of small ridge in back of green that thrust balls right and possible hazard. Left protecting bunker is 4-6ft deep with back portion being very narrow (4-5ft). Approach shots hitting left side of the putting surface will most always bounce and roll right.
Par 36 Victorian 3641
Tecumseh 3464
Chinook 3324
Ayrshire 3205
Squaw Ck 2935
Par 72 Victorian 7239
Tecumseh 6861
Chinook 6598
Ayrshire 6269
Squaw Ck 5667

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