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Brickyard Crossing (Indianapolis Motor Speedway)


4400 West 16th Street    Indianapolis    IN 46222   812.858.8230 Pro Shop 812.858.1790


Head Golf Pro : Rollie Schroeder  Course Superintendent : Jeff Stuart  Course Architect : Pete Dye


Public Course Top Ten Indiana Courses - Golf Digest Best Places To Take A Client Tees, Fairways - Greens - Ratings (handicap/slope) Greens Fee: 18 Holes - $90; Resort Rate - $70 Gold 74.5/137 Blue 71.7/130 White 68.4/122

Caddie's Summary: From amenities to the seventh to tenth tees which are inside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway track, we see why this is rated as one of the best places to take a client. The course is in wonderful condition and plays well to all handicappers. At 6994 (Gold tees), it is not overly-long yet requires some finesse to navigate some of the more difficult holes. A Pete Dye design, the greens are large and swaying with heavy ridges and tight bunkers. The course is a comfortable and brings bunkers and fairway angles into play for long hitters. If your playing well, you can post low scores, but on approximately half of the holes, misses find hazards or very difficult shots. As you navigate the course, it is difficult not to get caught up in the Speedway that is obviously all around the course. But keep your mind on golf, as the many crossing creeks and lakes require strategic play. Note - carts have GPS systems.

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Yardage Photo
From Tees
Landing Area to Green
Caddie Tips
Par 4
HC - 13
Gold 365
Blue 353
White 333
Bunker on right cutting off fairway begins at 77yd from Center Green (CG). Bunker on left at 57yd from CG. Approach to 33yd deep green Ridge (larger on left 1/2 of green) separates front from back halves. Back 505 slopes gently to back. Front 50% slopes very gently to front. Ridge at front center to 255 depth releases left or right.
Par 5
HC - 5
Gold 560
Blue 510
White 492
From the blue tees, the end of the first bunker on the left is 205yd (ends at 302yd CG). Just beyond that the fairway cuts in on the right (best drives hug tightly to left bunker or fly it). Second shot to a fairway that narrows on the right (starting with a bunker) at 146yd from CG. Approach to a 35yd deep green. Right of green has steep slope kicking hard down10-20ft hill. Three ridges across green provide shape. 1) 5% depth holds short or releases long over the top.  2) 55% depth holds short or long over top. 3) very back - back 10% of green slopes to front.
Par 4
HC - 11
Gold  365
Blue 342
White 322
From back of blue tees, bunker on right begins at 254yd (93yd CG). Green is tucked behind mound past pines on the left. Right side of fairway prevents blind approach. 40yd deep green (very narrow) angling to the right. Long right is 15-20ft deep bunker with railroad ties around the ledges. Misses long left are down hill (still 8yd of fairway). Large ridge at 30% depth has heavy slope to front. Right 1/4 of the green at the center line (50% depth) slopes right. Back 40% of the green slopes tot he back.
Par 3
HC - 15
Gold 206
Blue 194
White 165
45yd deep green with bunker and creek to the left. Ridge across green at 50% depth creates moderate slope to the front from 35-50% depth. Left half in back 50% is relatively level except for slight mound at 95% depth holding balls shy or releasing long over the top. Right half has large mound at 80% depth creating slope to right and to front from 60-80% depth and slightly long over the top.
Par 4
HC - 3
Gold  453
Blue 405
White 373
Long bunker on right ends at 148yd CG. Drives must steer left. From blue tees, drives further than 145yd from CG find slight bend of fairway tot he right and must play a fade. 42yd deep green. Large mounds at 50% depth on the right and left fringes funnel balls to green's midline and release long over the top. Back 10% also is slightly elevated.
Par 5
HC - 7
Gold 525
Blue 518
White 489
Mid of blue tees requires 305yd to reach left bunker. Open fairway on drive. Second shot has slight bend right and a bunker cuts off right 1/3 of fairway starting at 90yd CG. Approach to a 38yd deep green. Front 10% slopes to the front. Midline slopes to the right. Back 30% on right 1/2 of the green slopes left.
Par 3
HC - 17
Gold 190
Blue 184
White 155
Course goes inside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. 52yd deep green that is elevated over 20ft on all sides. Many mounds shape the green. 1) on right at 10% depth releases hard left. 2) 40% depth on right 1/3 of green releases heavy left and long over the top. 3) on left side at 50% depth releases slightly right or long over the top. 4) ridge on back of green at 95% depth is elevated and sloping to the front or long over the top in back 5%.
Par 4
HC - 1
Gold 448
Blue 420
White 370
Water hugs the left edge of fairway all the way to the green. Decline in fairway begins at 160yd from CG, where fairway slightly narrows to a bunker on the right at 115yd from CG. Approach to 48yd deep green that narrows in the back. Right of midline in front 15% releases hard left or right. Small ridge on left side at 25% depth holds or releases slightly long over the top. Most of the green (except front right extended corner) slopes gently left towards the water.
Par 4
HC - 9
Gold 382
Blue 371
White 347
Small bunkers line left and right sides of the fairway. From Gold and Blue tees the fairway angles to the right. Creek, or bend in fairway which ends the fairway is 322 yd from the back of the Gold tees. Approach to a 43yd deep green. Front 3yds is a false green. Up to 4yd from fringe on the left edge on first 30% depth of green is also false off to the left. Mound on left edge at 10% depth releases right. Mound on right at 30% releases hard left or long over the top. Mound on left at 35% depth releases right or gently long over the top. Back 40% goes left on the left 3/4 of the green.
Par 36 Gold 3494
Blue 3297
White 3046

Yardage Photo
From Tees
Landing Area to Green
Caddie Tips
Par 4
HC - 14
Gold 346
Blue 340
White 308
Tee from Blue and Gold tees is over pit road to an angled fairway left. At 123yd from CG, fairway declines and the right edge begins to cut in. Bunker on the left begins at 98yd from CG and goes up to and hugs the left side of the green. 44yd deep green angles left. Front 10% is false green to the front. Large mound across green at 10% depth releases gently long and right over the top. Mound at 60% depth on right slopes to front or heavy left. Back left corner is only 10yd wide and mounds on left and right edges guard entry. Behind the green slightly to the left is a pot bunker.
Par 4
HC - 8 
Gold 445
Blue 425
White 385
Requires just over 260yd from Blue tees to clear end of water. Right edge of fairway slants left assisting drives to center or right half of fairway. However, fairway angles left. 41yd deep green. Mounds give green shape: on left edge at 5% depth, 55% depth and 95% depth. On right edge at very front, 50% depth and at the very back.
Par 5
HC - 10
Gold 565
White 488
This hole is along the Speedway's grandstand. 232yd to carry left bunker from Blue tees. Right side of fairway slightly narrows beginning at 196yd from CG. Green angles tot he right. Mound on left at 25% depth releases tot he front or right. Mounds on right at 20% and 80% depth releases left. Back 50% of the green slopes gently to the front.
Par 3
HC - 18
Gold 192
Blue 175
White 158
48yd deep green angles right. Front 5% releases long. Mound on left at 25% depth  releases to front right or long over the top. Mound on the right at 60% depth releases to front, left or long over the top. Back 30% slopes gently to the front except in the back left corner.
Par 4
HC - 16
Gold 311
Blue 298
White 270
Best drives play to left edge of the fairway. Large fairway bunker (covers right half of the fairway) begins at 89yd from CG. Out of Bounds left of trees. Approach to a green angling hard left. Over the green is a 20ft deep bunker with a steep wall. Mound across green at 60% depth separates front and back and slopes heavy to the front or heavy long over the top. Front 15% of the green slopes to the back.
Par 5
HC - 6
Gold 545
Blue 531
White 493
Fairway slants right. Drives at the electrical tower are ideal and will release right. Second shot over creek and ravine. Fairway ends at 145yd from CG where the creek begins.  Approach to a 44yd deep green. Mounds on the left at 15% and 75% depth and mounds on the right at 40% and 80% depth create a small valley across green in between them.
Par 4
HC - 4
Gold 435
Blue 415
White 345
Creek all along left side. Fairway bends left at 110yd from CG. Right half of fairway plays best for approach to a 48yd deep green. Mounds on left edge at 40% and 85% depth and mounds on the right edge at 45% and 85% depth all slope to front or release long over the top. Back 3yd of the green is false off the back.
Par 3
HC - 12
Gold 204
Blue 183
White 155
  Par 3 along creek. 44yd deep green angles right. Front 30% slopes to the back and right with mound on the right edge at 50% releasing moderately long over the top. Mound on the left center at 65% depth releases outward moderately. Back 25% of the green slopes moderately to the front except the level back 2-3yd.
Par 4
HC - 2
Gold 457
Blue 437
White 380
Creek all along the right edge of the green. Fairway slants right from 160yd CG to 125yd CG aiding fades to left half of the fairway. Approach to a 42yd deep green. Large mounds on left edge at front, 45% depth and 90% depth slope to the front, right or long over the top. Smaller mound on right edge at 10% releases gently left or long over the top. Back 50% of the green slopes right and gently to the front on the right 1/2. Pot bunker is just over the back of the green.
Par 36
Gold 3500
Blue 3324
White 2982
Par 72
Gold 6994
Blue 6621
White 6028

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