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Crooked Creek Golf Club - London, KY


781 Crooked Creek Drive    London    KY 40744    606.877.1993


Architect : Brian Silva  PGA Pro and General Manager: Ron Roberts Course Superintendent : Jason White



Private, Out of Town Guest Welcome

Annual Membership fee:
  Single - $1,650                                            Tees - bent
  Family - $2150                                             Fairways - bermuda
Guest - $39.50 everyday                                 Greens - bent 

Ratings (handicap/slope)                           
Platinum - 73.8/134
Gold - 71.1/128
Silver - 69.5/125

Caddie's Summary:  We love this course. The front side is unique and offers a couple of rare holes like the Par 3 #6 that is only about 150yd long but has elevate tees of over 90-100feet; or the Par 4 #5 with a V-shaped fairway (see photos). The back side is wonderfully designed, offering challenge and a beautiful stroll through naturally wooded landscape. Greens vary from small 17yd deep postage stamps to large 47yd deep landing strips. The course has a well-rounded feel that keeps the golf interesting as lakes and creeks and trees keep the player in tune the hole round. Conditioning is good, and with fairways running fast, ball striking is a must from the tees. Nearly every hole has a major fairway slant, incline, decline or all of the above, resulting in the need for placement and shot selection. Crooked Creek is far from boring, and we highly recommend a visit if in the area.

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Yardage Photo
From Tees
Landing Area to Green
Caddie Tips
Par 4
HC - 7
Platinum 429
Gold 385
Silver 366
Not visible from the tee box, water hazard cuts into the fairway beginning at 141yd from Center Green (CG). The bunker on the right begins at 153yd from CG and ends at 137yd from CG. Approach to a 32yd deep green angling left around water hazard. Front 5% slopes to the front. 50-55% depth of the green slopes to the front and the back left corner slopes gently to the back left.
Par 3
HC - 5
Platinum 223
Gold 192
Silver 152
Par 3 over water to a 23yd deep green that is ~32yd wide. Left 4/5 of the green slopes gently to the front. Right 1/5 slopes gently left. Slight crown at 30% depth at the left center green releases gently right or left.
Par 5
HC - 11
Platinum 523
Gold 496
Silver 473
Par 5 over creek to a fairway that tightens at the sycamore on the left (192yd from CG) and the bunker on the right (235-196yd from CG). Fairway bends left and crosses ditch to the green. 37yd deep green from 100yd out. Second shots not going for the green should lay back 40-50yd for the best approach angle. Front 55% slopes gently right. Ridge on right edge at 70% depth slopes left or long over the top. Back left corner slopes right.
Par 4
HC - 13
Platinum 412
Gold 379
Silver 361
  Narrow fairway slants right to 180yd from CG and then gently declines to a ditch across fairway at 68yd from CG. 38yd deep green all gently flows tot he front. Just right of the left bunker releases right. Just left of the right bunker releases left.
Par 4
HC - 9
Platinum 401
Gold 375
Silver 355
Unique Par 4 - Step banks left and right funnel to center fairway. Fades should play to the left side and draws to the right side for maximum distance. Uphill approach to a small, 24yd deep green by 19yd wide. Misses right may kick to the green. Left 1/2 of the green releases right. Right 1/2 of the green releases left.
Par 3
HC - 17
Platinum 153
Gold 134
Silver 125
Cool Par 3 with over 100ft elevation from the back tees (almost a 45% angle down to the green). Very  much alters club selection. 27yd deep green by only 14yd wide. All flows gently to the front. Front 40% also slopes gently left.
Par 4
HC - 17
Platinum 380
Gold 348
Silver 335
Elevated tees. Missed drives to both left and right may kick back to the fairway. Approach to a 37yd deep green. Front 30% is very narrow and slopes to the front left. Ridge viewed from fairway at 35% depth only gently slopes to the front (looks like more from fairway). Back 60% is level except for a mound on the back right corner sloping hard to the front.
Par 4
HC - 1
Platinum 466
Gold 430
Silver 410
Fairway angles left. Depending on drive length and tees to judge alignment. Cutting corner must clear the OB that is 20-25yd left of the fairway. uphill approach to a 28yd deep green (club selection altered). Middle green in the front 15% releases forward. Rest of the green has gentle sways.
Par 5
HC - 3
Platinum 557
Gold 530
Silver 519
Declining fairway with a must fade unless going over the large tree tot he right. Hazard ditch all along left edge of fairway. Bunker on the right begins at 179yd from CG. 34yd deep green angles right. Left 2/3 gently slopes left with the back 50% sloping gently long as well. Over the right bunker releases gently long. Back right corner gently slopes to the front.
Par 36 Platinum 3544
Gold 3269
Silver 3096
SCENIC PHOTOS - #2 tee; #8 approach; #9 tee

Yardage Photo
From Tees
Landing Area to Green
Caddie Tips
Par 4
HC - 6
Platinum 447
Gold 431
Silver 411
end of the bunkers on the right is 157yd from CG. Tree on the left is at 151yd from CG. Fairway bends slightly right at 155yd from CG. Slight uphill approach to a 31yd deep green angling and widening to the right. Right edge on the front 50% releases long and left. Front left corner releases right. Mound on the right edge at 90% depth releases right. Mound at midline in the very back releases right or left and heavily to the front.
Par 3
HC - 12 
Platinum 191
Gold 160
Silver 148
Elevated tees may alter club selection. 33yd deep green angles to the right. All slopes to the front right (toward water). Minor ridge on the right edge at 50% depth releases left. Mound on left edge at 70% depth (by the back bunker) slopes moderately to the front. Back right corner slopes left.
Par 4
HC - 8
Platinum 398
Gold 371
Silver 351
Water hazard on the left comes into play at 205yd from CG and cuts well into the fairway by 150yd CG. Bunker on the right ends at 134yd from CG. Fairway sharply narrows thereafter with ditch on the right at 100yd from CG. Slight fairway slant left and drives should hug the right bunkers - longer gets tighter. Approach to a 27yd deep green angling right. Left 2/3 slopes to the front left. Right 1/4 slopes right. Just over the bunker is slightly long.
Par 4
HC - 14
Platinum 352
Gold 303
Silver 294
Dogleg right at 130yd from CG. From Platinum tees, 210yd of carry carries the right bunker. Drives with fade are best but 265yd plus takes you through the fairway (to a bunker or rough) unless a heavy fade is played. Also an option of a long iron off tee played between bunkers leaving less than 150yd to CG. Approach to a 25yd deep green over a creek. All gently flows tot he front. Front right corner releases gently long. Ridge on left edge at 80% depth slopes to the front or long over the top.
Par 4
HC - 2
Platinum 466
Gold 423
Silver 403
Tight drive with bunkers on the left ending at 159yd from CG. Creek across fairway at 100yd from CG. Approach to a 30yd deep green angling left. Front left corner releases long. Back 40% releases gently left and the back left corner slopes to the front.
Par 5
HC - 10
Platinum 511
Gold 478
Silver 459
Fairway cuts off at 195yd CG to deep rough hazard. Out of Bounds right. Fairway picks up again to the right of the first fairway section and inclines to 70yd CG with 15ft bank to heavy rough along left edge. Second shots normally are played to the right side of fairway where the slant kicks it left. Downhill to the green. Long hitters can go for green in two with misses just right and short of the green kicking forward and left. 28yd deep green angling left. Right 1/3 slopes to the front right. Midline on the back 40% slopes of to the back moderately. Left 2/3 of the green slopes gently right.
Par 3
HC - 16
Platinum 158
Gold 130
Silver 110
  33yd deep green all gently slopes to the front. Mound on the right edge at 80% depth releases left. Back left corner slopes left.
Par 4
HC - 18
Platinum 380
Gold 352
Silver 332
Fairway bunkers on the right end at 100yd from CG (252 to carry from the Gold tees). 12yd left of the fairway is OB. Long hitters must try to clear bunker or club down as the left side of the fairway ends at 100yd from CG. Approach to a 25yd deep green that widens in the back left. Left 1/2 of the green slopes moderately left. Right 1/2 of the green slopes left. Front 15% slopes to the front.
Par 5
HC - 4
Platinum 560
Gold 502
Silver 468
If you really want to press your luck and try to reach in two, you'll (unless a 350yd driver plus) need to play at the large trees on the right (220yd from CG) - however, OB is only 20yd to the right. That will give the option of fading second shot around the corner. More sensible, left of the trees down the fairway (+285yd from Platinum tees goes through fairway to hazard rough). Creek snakes through the fairway between 150-100yd from CG. Second shots play between bunker on the left (beginning at 100yd from CG) and the creek along the right. 34yd deep green - bunker guards the front. Mound on the midline in the front releases left or right. Mound on the left at 50% releases right or hard long over the top. Back 40% slopes right or left from the midline.
Par 36 Platinum 3463
Gold 3150
Silver 2976
EXTRA PHOTOS - #14 tee; Club House; #2 Green
Par 72 Platinum 7007
Gold  6419
Silver  6072 
Extra Photos - #2 Green; Club House; #2 Tee

All Photography copyright 2004, (a 4CornersOfTheWorld, LLC company)

copyright Tid Griffin - 2006