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The Golf Club of Tennessee


One Golf Club Drive    Kingston Springs    TN 37082   Pro Shop (615) 952-2020


Course Designer : Tom Fazio  Head Golf Pro : Doug Oubre  Course Superintendent : Jeff Huber  Dir. of Golf: Will Brewer


Private - Members and Members' Guest Only
Golf Digest #3 in Tennessee
$25,000 Initiation Fee

Tees and Fairways - Zoysia
Greens - Bent Grass

Ratings (handicap/slope) Yardage
Gold  - 73.6/140, 6860yd
Blue  - 71.9/135, 6410yd
Black  - 71.1/132, 6049yd
White - 70.3/130, 5694yd 

Caddie's Summary:
. Another fantastic Fazio design. Typical of his style, the course is etched out beautifully in a picturesque Tennessee landscape. Rolling hills and mountainous backdrops are common and the natural feel of the course is wonderful. Holes are well spread and rarely will you see a home unless peeking through the trees for a drive that went astray. Deep and arced bunkers near the greens and large, sculpted fairway bunkers add visual appeal. Greens are fast and firm with almost perfect rolls. Also normal to Fazio's designs, the greens average over 35yd in depth (large) and about fifty percent have major ridges and undulations adding to the challenge of both approach shots and the putting surface. Fall is a perfect time to play and if you get the opportunity to play the course with a member, do not hesitate.

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Yardage Photo
From Tees
Landing Area to Green
Caddie Tips
Par 4
HC - 17
Gold 375
Blue 349
Black 327
Left bunker begins at 131yd from Center Green (CG). Fairway slants left. Long hitters should play 10yd right of the left bunker for best result. 34yd deep green. Right 1/2 slopes left (moderately left from 0-30% depth and at the small ridge from 90-100% depth). Left 1/2 slopes gently left and gently to the front.
Par 4
HC - 9
Gold 389
Blue 369
Black 359
Right bunker begins at 161yd CG. Fades play well into this fairway. 41yd deep green. Right 1/2 on the front 50% releases left. Left edge on front 80% releases right (heavily from 30-60% depth). All of green slopes to the front.
Par 4
HC - 1
Gold 450
Blue 432
Black 400
Slightly uphill all the way. Fairway begins slant right at 160yd from CG (hard slant from 120-50yd CG). 34yd deep green. All slopes to the front. Ridge of the right bunker flows into the green at 45% depth and creates ridge across green releasing moderately to the front. Left 1/4 of the green releases moderately right and also long in the front 15% of depth. Right 1/2 slopes gently right.
Par 3
HC - 13
Gold 185
Blue 169
Black 155
Blue tees have about 15ft of elevation and may alter club selection. 40yd deep green. Misses left find difficulty. All flows to the front (moderately in the back 20%). Right 2/3 slopes moderately left. Left 1/4 slopes very gently right from 25-70% depth. Slight ridge at 55% depth on the right edge releases long over the top.
Par 5
HC - 3
Gold 533
Blue 513
Black 491
Right bunker ends at 266yd from CG and long hitters (265plus) will need to hug that bunker (best with fade) to keep from running through fairway. Left bank kicks hard right. Slightly downhill to green from 250yd CG in. Left bunker begins tightening fairway at 82yd CG. 34yd deep green all flows to the front. Back 35% slopes moderately to the front and widens left. Slight mound on right 1/2 of the green at 35% depth releases long over the top.
Par 4
HC - 11
Gold 421
Blue 392
Black 345
Driver off these elevated tees my find problems. Playing a 200yd club off Blue tees to the left 1/2 of fairway is ideal. -- Driver will require a high draw over the rock formation. Fairway bends left. Right bunker begins at 133yd from CG. 40yd deep green. Front 305 slopes to the front and slightly funnels to midline. Left 1/5 releases right from 5-60% depth and at 85-905 depth. Right 1/2 release left 0-60% depth. Right 1/5 from 60-85% depth right and long over the top of the ridge.
Par 5
HC - 5
Gold 517
Blue 506
Black 488
Left bunker begins at 271yd CG. long drivers must hug tightly or play draw into the fairway. Water protects entry to the left 2/3 of the green. Bunker shy of the green begins at 62yd from CG. Green angles left. Right 1/2 of front 60% releases left. Ridge on left edge at 50% depth releases long over the top. Back right corner slopes to the front and left.
Par 3
HC - 15
Gold 216
Blue 164
Black 153
Slightly elevated green. 46yd deep. Has many minor undulations and a general slope to the front.
Par 4
HC - 7
Gold 409
Blue 369
Black 359
Left bunker begins at 160yd from CG and ends at 139yd CG. Fairway slants right so right 1/2 or center fairway is best. Creek all along the right side. 40yd deep green. Right 3/4 slopes to the left. All slopes gently to the front.
Par 36 Gold 3495
Blue 3263
Black 3077
The Club House at GCTN

Yardage Photo
From Tees
Landing Area to Green
Caddie Tips
Par 3
HC - 8
Gold 200
Blue 152
Black 134
Scenic Par 3. Green is not elevated as it may appear. 31yd deep. Ridge from 40% depth on the left edge across to 80% depth on the right edge slopes moderately to the front and right. All in front of ridge slopes moderately to the front. All behind the ridge only slopes gently to the front. Back left corner releases right.
Par 5
HC - 4 
Gold 551
Blue 533
Black 505
Second left bunker doesn't end till 268yd from CG. Hugging bunker is required to reach in two. Fairway off tee angles left and curls back right at 75yd CG. Green tucked into the rocks and trees right of the fairway. 32yd deep green. Right 1/3 slopes left. All flows to the front except the front left corner releases long. Back left corner slopes moderately to the front. Front 20% funnels to the midline.
Par 4
HC - 12
Gold 329
Blue 319
Black 309
Short Par 4. Left bunker begins at 123yd from CG and ends at 78yd from CG. Long hitters should play fade to inner tree left of the fairway (20yd shy of green). 42yd deep green angles right. All gently to the front. Right 1/4 releases left. Left 1/2 in the front 40% releases gently right. Mound on the back left corner slopes moderately to the front and moderately right.
Par 4
HC - 6
Gold 455
Blue 422
Black 398
Right 1/2 of the fairway and right bank slants hard left to 165yd CG where a decline to green begins. 34yd deep green. Front 15% on the left 2/3 releases long. Mound on the left edge at 80% depth slopes to the front, right or long over the top. Mound (same characteristics) on the right edge. Back 50% slopes gently to the front.
Par 3
HC - 14
Gold 187
Blue 159
Black 150
Back tees have over 30ft of elevation and alters club selection. 42yd deep green with creek along the right. Front 25% slopes gently right (front 50% on the left 1/2). At 80-95% depth a depression on the right 1/3 pulls balls to the fringe. Back 30% slopes gently to the front and the mound at midline release left or right into the depression.
Par 4
HC - 8
Gold 434
Blue 416
Black 377
n/a Right bunker ends at 171yd from CG and takes 245yd to clear from Blue tees. Fairway slants slightly left and left bunker begins at 126yd from CG. 36yd deep green. Mound at 25% on the right edge releases moderately left. Back 75% on the right 1/4 releases gently left. Slight mound at midline in very front releases left or right. Rest of green gently to front.
Par 3
HC - 16
Gold 222
Blue 205
Black 189
36yd deep green. Back 20% has heavy slope to the front on the right 2/3 of the green (center 1/3 of the green will roll back to 65% depth). Front left releases right. Front right falls off to the fringe. All slopes to the front.
Par 5
HC - 10
Gold 531
Blue 518
Black 505
Right bunker begins at 312yd CG and ends at 248yd CG. Fairway slants right. Lay up shots best at left bunker shy of the green as fairway slants right. Right bunker begins at 112yd CG. 36yd deep green. All slopes to the front. Right 1/5 from 30-45% depth releases moderately left. Very slight mound on front left releases gently right or long. Left edge of green from 40-80% depth releases gently right.
Par 4
HC - 2
Gold 456
Blue 423
Black 405
Right bunker begins at 190yd CG. Fairway slants left. Center to right 1/2 fairway is best up to 158yd CG (end of right bunker) where fairway creeps in on the right. Slightly downhill to a 42yd deep green. Front 15% slopes moderately to the front. Mound at 20-45% depth on the right edge releases heavy left. Slight ridge from left edge at 40% depth releases to the back right.
Par 36 Gold 3365
Blue 3147
Black 2972
Par 72 Gold 6860
Blue 6410
Black 6049

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