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The Reserve at Thunder Hill


7050 Griswold Road    Madison    OH 44057   Pro Shop (440) 298-3474


Course Designer : Fred Slagle   Head Golf Pro : Sam Kless  Course Superintendent :   Scott Missner


The Reserve at Thunder Hill - Madison, OH

Public - Visit Their Website for Current Greens Fees
Golf Digest Top Twenty in Ohio
One of the Best Public Courses in Northeast Ohio

Tees and Fairways - Bent
Greens - Bent Grass

Ratings (handicap/slope) Yardage
Thunder (Black) - 78.5/152, 7504yd
Champion (Gold) - 74.5/144, 6866yd
Reserve (Green) - 72.5/137, 6436yd
Challenge (White) - 70.1/128, 5754yd
Sanctuary (Red) - 68.5/121, 4769yd

Caddie's Summary:
. Perhaps the most unique course in Northern Ohio, Thunder Hill is extremely difficult and a naturally beautiful track. Over fiftypercent of the par 4's and 5's tee over water to a tight fairway. The course has over 72 ponds! Formerly a fish hatchery, the water adds challenge and scenery and is livid with mature pines, weeping willows, etc. If playing for the first time, be sure to look at the ratings and play the Green or White tees, as the back tees are a test of mental stability. Greens range from large 45yd deep greens with heavy undulation to small 24yd deep greens, and each and every hole has unique character that will not bore the golfer. The overall feel of the course and club house is comfortable and relaxed and you won't be disappointed in the play or conditions.

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Yardage Photo
From Tees
Landing Area to Green
Caddie Tips
Some Scenic
Par 4
HC - 12
Thunder 452
Champion 421
Reserve 379
Right bunker begins at 245yd from Champion tees. End of right bunker is 124yd from CG. Approach to a 34yd deep green. All slopes to the front except for the mound on the left 1/3 at 35% depth releasing long and right. - also mound over right bunker on the right edge at 70% depth releases long over the top.
Par 4
HC - 6
T - 476
C - 398
R - 383
Tight driving area over water. First right bunker is 196yd from CG. Gently inclining fairway up to 95yd CG. 27yd deep by 34yd wide green. Left 1/2 has gentle slope to the front left. Right 1/2 releases long just over bunker and has gentle slope to the back.
Par 3
HC - 16
T - 204
C - 170
R - 146
Par 3 over water. 20yd deep green by 24yd wide. All flows to the front. Slight mound covering back left 1/4 of the green slopes gently right or moderately to the front. Front 50% on the left 1/2 also flows gently left.
Par 5
HC - 14
T - 603
C - 525
R - 498
Tee through tight shoot, over pond and into a narrow fairway. Hugging right bunkers plays best for second shot. Left bunker begins 172yd out from green tees. Trees cut into left 1/3 of fairway at 150yd CG where fairway bends left. Approach over water (begins on left side at 85yd CG) to a 21yd deep by 33yd wide green. Left 1/4 is raised causing a ridge releasing moderately right. Right 1/4 also raised creating ridge releasing left.
Par 4
HC - 4
T - 441
C - 420
R - 407
Tight driving area over water to a narrow fairway. Right bunker begins at 223yd from Green tees and is 181yd CG. Ponds on the right cut into fairway from 100yd CG in and hug right edge of green. 32yd deep green. Left 1/2 slopes right (back left corner slopes hard right). Rest gently flows to the front. Right 1/2 slopes right in front 55% and left in the back 45%.
Par 4
HC - 18
T - 356
C - 348
R - 338
Tight driving area over water to a narrow fairway. Right bunker is 236yd out from the Green tees. Fairway funnels to center. Single tree just left of fairway is 124yd CG. Approach to a 24yd deep green by 19yd wide. Gently crowned through midline to the sides. Front 50% gently slopes gently to the back and back 50% gently slopes to the front.
Par 4
HC - 2
T - 461
C - 422
R - 378
Fairway slants right. Long hitters will probably want to back off from a driver as the last left bunker is 246yd from Green tees (which is basically the end of the fairway prior to dogleg right). Green all slopes gently to the front. Left 1/2 slopes right. Mound on the right 1/2 at 40% depth increases slopes to the front or releases left.
Par 5
HC - 8
T - 620
C - 545
R - 507
Water begins just left of narrow fairway at 237yd CG. Narrow fairway surrounded by water ends 289yd out from Green tees (best to lay back in the wider fairway). On second shot  fairway narrows to the bunkers beginning 60yd shy of CG. 29yd deep green all slopes to the front. Mound on left 1/3 at 25% depth slopes moderately to the front and releases long over the top.
Par 3
HC - 10
T - 248
C - 219
R - 200
Par 3 over water. 31yd deep green by 30yd wide. All gently slopes to the front except the right 1/3 which is relatively level.
Par 36 T - 3861
C - 3468
R - 3236

Yardage Photo
From Tees
Landing Area to Green
Caddie Tips
Par 4
HC - 7
T - 446
C - 424
R - 398
Slight declining fairway till 120yd CG. Bends right at 112yd CG. Approach a 32yd deep green angling right. 15-45% depth funnels to midline. Back 40% slopes to the front and gently right.
Par 3
HC - 15 
T - 175
C - 155
R - 145
Slightly uphill par 3 to a 29yd deep green by 17yd wide. Bunkers guard narrow front 30% of the green. All has slope to the front.
Par 5
HC - 11
T - 564
C - 533
R - 502
Water cuts off fairway 270yd from "next to last tee box" (Either Green or Gold). Second shots normally play to about 100yd CG; just shy of a series of right bunkers and left heavy grass. (fairway slants right). Somewhat blind approach to a 31yd deep green. Front 5% slope to the back and right or left edges. 25-65% depth funnels toward midline.
Par 4
HC - 1
T - 424
C - 406
R - 393
Right bunker begins 168td out from Green tees. Fairway sharply declines at 150yd CG to water at 123yd CG. Big hitters should lay back. Approach to an elevated 25yd deep green. Left 3/4 slopes left.
Par 4
HC - 3
T - 420
C - 400
R - 380
Very narrow shoot off tees to a fairway with slant right. Water cuts off fairway 65yd shy of the green. Approach to a 29yd deep green. Mound on left side at 30% depth releases right or long over the top. Mound at 80% depth on the right side releases gently left and long over the top.
Par 4
HC - 9
T - 404
C - 380
R - 364
From Green tees 204yd to the right bunker - fairway slants left. Fairway narrows sharply after bunker and funnels to center fairway. Sharp decline from 125yd CG to end of fairway at 70yd CG. Approach downhill, over pond to a 20yd deep green. Back 50% on the right 2/3 has heavy slope to the front. Back 50% on the center 1/3 also slopes left.
Par 3
HC - 17
T - 146
C - 133
R - 125
Elevated tees over water to a 35yd deep green by 44yd wide. Mound just right of midline in the front releases very hard long. Huge mound on the left 1/3 from 30% depth increasing in the back slopes to the front and releases hard right or left. Mound at 70% depth right of midline releases outward.
Par 4
HC - 5
T - 470
C - 425
R - 411
Elevated tees to left half of fairway (water on right). Declining fairway to green. Approach to a 50yd deep green by 20yd wide. Front 40% slopes to the back and left. Huge mound on the right 2/3 (65% depth) releases very hard to the front, left or long over the top. Left 1/3 at 65% depth also releases long.
Par 5
HC - 13
T - 594
C - 542
R - 482
Gently inclining fairway to 230yd CG then gently declines as it bends left to water on the left (begins at 125yd CG) and bunkers on right (begin at 148yd CG). Water ends 55yd shy of CG. 33yd deep green. Left 1/2 slopes right. Mound on right 1/2 at 50% depth slopes to the front, left or hard long over the top.
Par 36 T - 3643
C - 3398
R - 3200
Par 72 T - 7504
C - 6866
R - 6436


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